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Comprehensive Dental Implants Specialists in Virginia

Dental implants are among the latest advancements in dental medicine over the last few years. If you have a missing tooth you may be a good candidate for dental implants. At Gentle Touch Dental PC, Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, DMD, provides the most comfortable and effective dental implants in Falls Church, Virginia. Dr. Rodriguez has years of experience in implant dentistry and utilizes the latest in medical technology. Schedule an appointment with Gentle Touch Dental PC by calling the office or booking online.

dental implants in Falls Church

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial replacements for missing teeth. These implants act and resemble the natural tooth. The dental implants will comprise the following:

  • Root – a screw-like, metal piece that attaches to the
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Comprehensive Cosmetic and Restorative Oral Care in Washington

You might have an irritating tooth which suddenly turns into excruciating pain. Or maybe an acute injury has resulted in one or more missing teeth. These and many other dental issues necessitate emergency dentistry at EZ Dental Clinic located at the heart of Washington. Jasmine Bassali, DDS, and Ilya Miloslavskiy, DDS, provide same-day services to stop excessive bleeding, relieve pain, and maintain your teeth. If you are not certain that your condition needs urgent medical attention, schedule an appointment with the Bellevue emergency dentistry specialists to examine your symptoms.

Bellevue emergency dentistry

Meet The Providers

EZ Dental Clinic is an exceptional general dentistry practice serving Bellevue and the more extensive Washington area. The expert medical team of dentists specializes in dental healthcare and … Read the rest

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Enhance Overall Health and Fitness Through Customized Nutrition and Exercise Regimens

Whether you aim for peak performance, restoring the function of a traumatized joint, or getting into shape, exercising and maintaining proper nutrition is essential. NY FITPROS is an exceptional practice, offering training and programs patients need to achieve optimal health, regardless of their present fitness level. For around 20 years, their medical exercise professionals and personal trainers have helped patients enhance strength, lose weight, build energy, and boost their overall health and fitness using customized nutrition and exercise regimens. Schedule a consultation with New Rochelle Yoga specialists today to learn more about their practice.

New Rochelle Yoga

About Medical Providers

NY FITPROS comprises multi-certified and accredited fitness and health practitioners. The trainers at this facility are not your standard personal trainers; they are … Read the rest

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Lifestyle and Diet Changes to Help Prevent Kidney Stones

For those who have ever developed kidney stones, they can remember the experience. The pain is unbearable and comes in waves until you have the stone pass through the urinary plumbing to be released out of the body. Up to 12 percent of people in American have kidney stones. If you have had a kidney stone, your likelihood of developing another within 10 years is 50 percent. Although there may be no sure way to prevent kidney stones, particularly those related to genetics, your combination of lifestyle and diet changes can help reduce the chances of developing the stones. If you show signs of kidney stones or your family has a history of having kidney stones, you want to consult… Read the rest

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Understanding Leg Ulcer Symptoms and Treatment

It is never a wise idea to ignore sores on your leg, especially those that will not go away soon. Sores that get red and may weep fluid should never be ignored as they may be venous leg ulcers, and ignoring them can lead to more severe complications. Leg ulcers are open wounds or unhealed sores which, without treatment, could keep recurring. Leg ulcers are most common due to poor circulation of blood, but they can also be attributed to several ailments. They are most prevalent among women; however, they can attack men too. If you are suffering with a leg ulcer in Chalmette, early treatment can avoid further complications.

leg ulcer in Chalmette

What Causes Leg Ulcers?

The chances of one developing … Read the rest

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How to Cope With The Emotional Stress From Infertility

Infertility is not an easy situation to handle; it comes with a lot of stress. The psychological stress women with infertility experience are similar to those experienced by women coping with serious illnesses like chronic pain, HIV, and cancer. Men facing infertility challenges are at risk of having depression, decreased self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, and anxiety. The psychological effects tend to occur regardless of whom, between the man and woman, is infertile. For women experiencing infertility and the associated emotional stress, they may want to consider seeking help from a Houston infertility specialist to find out solutions and treatment to the problem.

Houston infertility

One way to help you is first to acknowledge your feelings and then try to identify the issues or … Read the rest

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Benefits of Viscosupplemental Gel

The city of Frisco, Texas has clinics that are on the cutting edge of medical progress. A good example is Frisco viscosupplemental gel used in pain management clinics.

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects millions of people in the United States. Viscosupplementation is a treatment that is used to treat joint pain in people with arthritis.

Frisco viscosupplemental gel

Viscosupplements are doses of hyaluronic acid that are injected into the knee and into the synovial fluid. The supplements are meant to increase the effectiveness of synovial fluid, which reduces friction in joints.

Viscosupplementation is a relatively new treatment that is gaining traction all over the country due to its benefits. The following are some of the benefits offered by viscosupplementation:

1.  Minimally Invasive

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Top Causes and Risk Factors of Dry Eyes

When you have severe fluctuations causing an imbalance in tear secretion and flow, you are prone to develop dry eyes. As a result, you may have trouble producing sufficient tears. In some instances, your eyes may make tears but with a reduction in quality. Dry eyes can be problematic, reducing your ability to see your surroundings, with a lower tendency of keeping your eyes clear and free from harmful surface matter. Dr. Iftikhar Chaudhry in Hamilton can help you restore better quality and quantity to the fluid in your eyes.

Dr. Iftikhar Chaudhry in Hamilton

For proper diagnosis, several factors can place you at a higher risk of developing dry eyes:

1. Your Age

Your eye meibomian gland function reduces as you age. With reduced … Read the rest