5 Common Misconceptions Concerning Cosmetic Dentistry That You Should Never Believe

Cosmetic Dentistry

A perfect smile is the beginning of a happy life. Notably, when you have glittering white teeth that have a uniform arrangement, you will often feel better about yourself, especially in public. However, certain lifestyle habits, such as alcohol drinking, can cause teeth discoloration, often hindering your golden smile. Also, physical trauma can cause teeth damage, impairing the aesthetic smile and the victim’s fluency while speaking. Fortunately, if you are living with those dental concerns, Mark Sutton DDS can help you reclaim your perfect smile through different cosmetic dentistry services. While seeking cosmetic dentistry, you should never believe some of the following misconceptions.

Only a Few Individuals Pursue the Cosmetic Treatments

You may think that individuals rarely seek cosmetic dentistry services, but you are mistaken. The reality is that in the modern days, there is a high turnout of people seeking cosmetic services. With the latest cosmetic treatments like crowns, people no longer bear dental complications like chipped teeth.

It Is Expensive

High cost is one of the main concerns people have regarding cosmetic dentistry. However, even if cosmetic dentistry treatments may have large price tags, you only have to pay part of that expense with the insurance plan. In addition, the long-term benefits you get are worth it, and you will not regret it.

The Crown Does Not Need Any Care

You might have heard some people arguing that once you get the crowns, you are good to go for the rest of your life. Such arguments are baseless, and you should take care of the crown to get optimal results for a long time. Conduct oral hygiene practices such as brushing and gentle flossing even after getting the crowns.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Are Painful

Some people are reluctant to seek cosmetic dental procedures claiming that these treatments are painful. However, the truth is that with the advancement of modern technology, you can get dental services with little to no pain. For instance, during the dental implant, the dentist will apply anesthesia on your gum, making the procedure comfortable.

Home Teeth Whitening Is Effective, Just Like the Professional Teeth Whitening

Sometimes, it may be tempting to seek over-the-counter whitening gel, especially if you do not want to have an appointment with the dentist. However, this is a bad idea since these whitening gels from the drugstore can cause damage to your gum. In addition, the over-the-counter whitening treatment does not always give uniform results for your teeth. Therefore, it is important to seek professional teeth whitening, which offers safe and customized treatment for your stained teeth.

Are you among the millions of people living with dental complications? If yes, you do not have to let those dental complications take a toll on your beautiful smile and fluency. Visit Greenwich Dentistry, where Mark Sutton, DDS, and a team of experienced dentists offer an array of cosmetic dentistry treatments to patients with dental complications, thus improving their smile. Book an online appointment today or call one of the nearest offices to get started.