Dental X-ray Services in Hilliard, Ohio

Dental X-ray

Getting an X-ray at a dental center may not be on the list of your favorite things. However, x-rays give a lot of insight to dental providers, helping them see the condition of your teeth, roots, facial bone composition, and jaw placement. They also enable them to see and treat any of your dental problems early in their development.  The team of dental experts at Innovative Dental Ideas in Hilliard under the leadership of James Butler, DMD, uses the cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans and digital x-rays to offer you the most accurate diagnosis in the dental industry. For more information about how Hilliard x-rays can enhance your smile, call, or book an appointment online today.

Why Should You Consider Getting X-Rays?

Dentists request X-rays whenever they want to get a more in-depth insight into the condition or structure of your mouth.  Some of the situations that may require a more detailed look at your teeth include evaluating your tooth for a root canal, determining the range of a tooth infection, determining if you have sleep apnea if your require bone grafting before a dental implant, or diagnosis of abnormal lesions including tumors, cancers, and cysts.

What Are the Available Types Of X-rays?

The main types available include:

Digital X-rays

This type uses a digital sensor to get an in-depth view of your mouth tissues and teeth. Digital x-rays come with various pros including viewed and zoomed instantly, enabling the doctor to quickly detect the problems, decreasing the radiation exposure by up to ninety percent, and does not need film processing which uses chemicals unsafe to the environment.

CBCT Scanners

These are cone-beam computed tomography scanners that allow the dentist to take a three-dimensional image of your teeth, nerve pathways, soft tissues, and airway. This enables him to view everything in your mouth from all the possible angles. As compared to traditional X-rays, CBCT scan is so accurate, giving your provider a more precise understanding of your dental needs without any guesswork. Innovative Dental Ideas is well equipped with the most advanced x-ray devices to take care of all your dental issues.

What Should You Expect During A CT Scan?

A CT scan refers to a modern and non-invasive treatment procedure that only takes a few minutes. Body CT scans are different from dental CT scans, as you are not required to be in an enclosed space for a dental CT scan. You will just need to sit on an exam chair and stay still as the CT machine rotates around your head. You won’t be required to bite down on plastic like in traditional x-ray settings. The CT scan only takes a few seconds to capture the full picture of your whole mouth, and you can continue with your usual activities of the day after that. There is no pain, recovery, or downtime involved in a CT scan. Dr. Butler will capture a great detailed image, analyze it, and give you excellent dental care.

In conclusion, if you are unsure if you have an underlying dental issue, you should consider getting a dental X-ray to establish and get timely treatment. The team at Innovative Dental Ideas is dedicated to improving your smile using innovative dental solutions and technology. For X-rays in and around Hilliard, call or book an appointment online today.