Greenbridge Medical: The Best Medical Facility Using A Cannabis-Based Treatment

Medical Cannabis

GreenBridge Medical is a medical facility launched in 2007 by Dr. Allan I. Frankel, a medical cannabis specialist in Santa Monica, CA. The main reason was to help treat people living with chronic pain using various traditional treatments and medical cannabis. Dr. Allan has made the GreenBridge Medical foundation through his expertise in internal medicine and research work and application on clinical cannabis. Dr. Mark Kuzman later joined the institution as a general practitioner. If you are looking to visit a medical facility with traditional treatment therapy options, GreenBridge Medical is your best partner to a healthy you.  Here is all you need to know about GreenBridge Medical.

You can visit their offices located at 2730 Wilshire Blvd, #425, Santa Monica, CA. Their offices open from 10 am to 5 pm, and you can book your appointment or enquire more about them through their contact number 310-819-4982, or you can email them through [email protected] They offer consultations to all patients, which includes a medical examination, medical history, and records review. They explain and educate about their cannabis treatment therapy, especially to new patients since most of them have never used cannabis. The whole staff is friendly, keen to listen to your concerns, and offer you all the information you require for your treatment. Consultation is available through personal visits, phone calls, video calls, and online messaging system, as it may be convenient for you. They also conduct a follow-up after consultation to check on your progress and to ensure you are following the recommended medical instructions.

The consultation costs also include the office one on one direct communication with the doctor. They submit insurance claims termed as ‘superbill’ to the patient’s health insurance provider. Most insurance companies give you approximately 50% to 80% reimbursement of the cost of the consultation. After the consultation, they provide you with the recommended treatment plan, the right dosage, and the method to treat your illness. GreenBridge medical clinic uses a unique treatment method that uses a dosed cannabis where it involves a prescribed plan of cannabis intake through capsules designed by a physician to treat your needs.

Dr. Allan has over 30 years of internal medicine experience and applies his knowledge about the cannabis plant and its medicinal value to treat many severe illnesses. Some of them include cancer, autism, arthritis, HIV/aids, back pain, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, gout, epilepsy, genital herpes, endometriosis, hepatitis c, anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune diseases, cystic fibrosis, arthritis, and diabetes, among others.

To sum up, the GreenBridge clinic has been able to treat and help patients with severe medical conditions using traditional methods. Their practitioners are experienced, thus providing the best and proven medical advice and treatment. Their services are convenient, and you can access them from all over the world through phone, video chats, and online messaging. They provide solutions to patients looking for an alternative treatment, have had side effects from other traditional therapies, and those who have not gotten help yet with their health conditions. GreenBridge medical is a clinic that you would recommend to anyone for the best medical care experience.