How to Attain Dental Solutions You Can Smile About

Dental problems are common and affect a vast percentage of citizens. Regular dental checks are imperative for good health. Contact Washington West End Dental for top-notch dental solutions and attain a smile you can care about.

About West End Dental

At West End Dental, Drs. Lauren Izadi, DDS, and Edward Kim, MS, DDS lead a team of experts in providing comprehensive oral health care to their patients in Downtown Washington, DC. The compassionate team of professionals boasts fifteen years of dental experience and a commitment to keep up with modern medical advancements by continuously enhancing their education.

West End Dental is strategically located and has modern equipment on-site, such as digital X-rays. This equipment applies much less radiation energy compared to conventional oral X-rays. Besides kindness, the team takes time to understand every individual. They regularly offer preventive care, including routine cleaning and exams and treatment for common jaw problems, such as periodontal disease and jaw pain.

New and existing patients receive cosmetic dentistry, e.g., BruxZir® ceramic crowns, teeth whitening, dental sealants, and veneers. They also offer dentures and dental implant restoration to address missing teeth. You can count on the team at West End Dental for dental emergencies, root canal treatment, and mouth guards.


Available Services

For all your dental concerns, feel free to contact West End Dental for reliable solutions. At the practice, experts provide a full range of dental solutions such as;

  • Invisalign®- Crooked or overcrowded teeth should not prevent you from living your best life. At West End Dental, your specialist regularly offers orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® to improve smiles.
  • Periodontal Disease- Albeit uncommon, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss or more severe oral problems. That said, it is imperative to react if you suspect this condition. Contact West End Dental for expert diagnosis and treatment.
  • Ceramic Crowns- Lauren Izadi, DDS, applies ceramic crowns to restore damaged or decaying teeth to their original appearance. Unlike traditional crowns, ceramic crowns are more authentic-looking and much stronger. Contact West End Dental to find out how you can benefit from this innovative treatment.
  • Dentures- Dentures act as a durable, easy-to-care-for option for permanent teeth that are missing. If missing teeth affect your self-esteem, contact the specialists at West End Dental for natural aesthetic dentures.
  • Dental Emergency- In case of a dental emergency, prompt action matters. Your compassionate specialists at West End Dental provide lasting treatments for dental emergencies to grant you a reprieve.
  • Teeth Whitening- Are you apprehensive about your smile due to stains or discoloration? If so, consider a high-class tooth whitening treatment from West End Dental. Your competent physicians offer several teeth whitening treatments, such as Philips Zoom!, Opalescence™, and take-away whitening treatments.
  • Veneers- If you fancy a more balanced, symmetrical smile, you should consider veneers. For residents of Washington, Lauren Izadi, DDS, Edward Kim, MS, DDS, and their proficient team use veneers manufactured from advanced ceramics to give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile.
  •       Jaw Pain- Jaw pain is a common problem. If left unmanaged, jaw pain can have a toll on the quality of your life, making it hard to chew, bite, or speak. Contact the specialists at West End Dental for expert diagnosis and treatment.

For people of all ages, consistent and effective dental care is crucial to maintaining oral health. Be sure to schedule an appointment with West End Dental to access comprehensive dentistry for all your family members.