How to Avoid Getting Lymphedema


Even in a small town like Tobin Hill in San Antonio, Lymphedema is still a problem. A specialist who deals with Lymphedema in Tobin Hill can help you significantly if you have the disease and also to prevent it.

Lymphedema is a disease that is caused by a buildup of lymphatic fluid in the body. Your lymphatic system is crucial to your immune system and lymphatic fluid an equally critical component.

If released in excess, it leads to swelling and chronic pain in your limbs. Though a specialist can help you prevent the disease through regular checkups, you can also do much to prevent it.

The reason you should focus on prevention is that there is no cure for Lymphedema. With such a compromised immune system, your entire body’s health is at risk.

The following are tips to help you avoid contracting Lymphedema:

Protect Your Arms and Legs

If you want to avoid getting Lymphedema, you should first and foremost avoid getting injured. You should especially protect your arms and legs if you regularly exercise or play sports.

Moreover, it would be best if you addressed cuts and scrapes on your arms and legs as soon as possible. The longer the wounds remain open, the higher the chance of infection.

 You should use protective gear whenever you are doing a dangerous activity. That includes household chores such as gardening and hobbies that involve the use of hazardous equipment like saws.

The more protected your limbs are the less chance you have of getting Lymphedema.

Clean Your Limbs

Dirt is another factor that significantly increases the chance of infection. The dirtier your legs and arms are, the more likely harmful bacteria will enter through open cuts and bruises on the skin.

The hygiene of the skin on your limbs and nails should always be a priority. You should also avoid walking barefoot in places where your feet can be cut, even your backyard.

If you shower every day, you should have clean limbs. However, if you can’t, you should always try and keep your limbs as clean as possible.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Your limbs, like other parts of your body, require adequate blood flow. Extremely tight clothes restrict the circulation of blood in the body, which can lead to Lymphedema in the limbs.

Maintaining a sufficient level of blood pressure is very vital to your health. Whenever you wear skin-tight clothes, you gradually affect your blood pressure.

Women are more likely to be affected by this than men. Regardless, everyone should wear clothes that benefit their circulation.

Keep Your Limbs at the Right Temperature

You should not let your legs get too cold or too warm if you want to avoid Lymphedema. Neither is right for your body nor will worsen your Lymphedema if it is in the early stages.

You should wear warm clothes that cover your arms and legs entirely if it is cold outside. The same goes for when it is hot outside.

You should also avoid directly applying heat to your limbs even if you suffer from an injury. If you have to use ice or heat on your limbs, do it sparingly.