Sinus Problem? There is Hope

Having sinus problems can be painful and affect your everyday activities.  The condition becomes even worse when not treated because it affects the nasal passage’s cavities, leading to difficulty breathing. For issues of the ear, nose, throat in Schaumburg, specialists at Exhale Sinus & Facial Pain Center are here to help.

Visiting the Doctor is Necessary

Most people go for over-the-counter medication when they experience headaches, facial pain, runny nose, and nasal congestion to relieve their symptoms. When sinus problems become chronic, they are very painful and can cause severe complications. It is good to visit the doctor for proper medication, especially when you develop frequent sinus infections because you may require antibiotic treatment. At Exhale Sinus & Facial Pain Center, you will meet Dr. Vaughn and his team, who offer different services for sinus problems. Services and issues addressed include:

  •         Sinusitis
  •         Headache
  •         Chinese medicine
  •         Nasal and sinus procedures
  •         Ear infections
  •         Acupuncture
  •         Solution for snoring and sleep apnea
  •         GPS for your sinus procedure

Why You Need a Personal Doctor

It is good to have a personal doctor because he will do the assessment for your sinus infection to determine whether it is fungal or viral and prescribe the right medication for you. Through knowing your history, your doctor can know why you are getting the disease and recommend the proper treatment. In case you need surgery, your doctor will be able to help you avoid further complications.

Your Expectation in the Clinic

Your doctor will carry on the assessment and advise you accordingly. He will also let you know the different services offered in the clinic and recommend checking your insurance limit before receiving the benefits.


One of the procedures carried out at Exhale Sinus & Facial Pain Center is turbinate reduction. Turbinate are structures in your nose that help regulate airflow and add moisture and warmth to the air you breathe in. When affected, they can enlarge, leading to nasal blockage, hence difficulty in breathing.

Your doctor may do the procedure in several ways including:

  •         Cauterization
  •         Coblation
  •         Radiofrequency reduction

In all three procedures, your doctor will not remove any underlying bone or tissue. Your doctor will use a unique needle-like device that heats the tissue to form scar tissue, which reduces the turbinate’s size.

The procedure takes ten minutes and is performed under local anesthesia, injected into the nasal tissues using a needle. It is the recommended procedure for less severe cases of turbinate enlargement.

After the Turbinate Reduction Procedure

The recovery is quick and not very painful.  It is supposed to heal within three weeks. You may experience nose dryness for those three weeks, but there is no need to panic. Your doctor will give you nasal saline irrigation and antibiotics ointment to control the dryness.

Being healthy is the best thing in life, and that is why Exhale Sinus & Facial Pain Center is committed to making sure you remain healthy by getting rid of sinus issues.  For more information about your sinuses, book an appointment online, or call the office today.