Spider Veins: Causes and Treatment Options

You might have noticed some web-like veins on your skin surface and wondered what they are and what causes them. Spider veins appear mostly in women. However, they may also develop due to age in many people. Your East Orlando spider veins professionals at Vascular Vein Centers can treat these unsightly veins. These experts will help get rid of your spider veins with innovative vein treatment options.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small veins that appear on the skin’s surface or face in the form of lines or branches. The veins that are similar in appearance to a spider web are usually red, blue, or purple and develop on the inner or outer thighs, the ankle area, back of the knees, or the calves. Though the unsightly veins are not painful, you may want to treat them for aesthetic gratification. Depending on the veins’ severity, you will start experiencing swelling, pain, itching, or aches. Additionally, if the web veins develop on your ankle area, you could be vulnerable to bleeding when the veins burst due to dry skin. Spider veins become numerous as you age and in women during pregnancy.

What causes spider veins?

Your veins are designed to return blood to your heart and have valves that help them push blood. However, when your vein walls weaken or damage, the valves fail, resulting in blood leaking backward. Eventually, blood pools in the lower leg veins and forces them to bulge and leak fluids that cause pressure on the small veins in the skin.

Other factors that contribute to the appearance of spider veins on your skin surface include:

  •         Pregnancy
  •         Prolonged standing or sitting
  •         A blood clot in a deep or superficial vein
  •         Hormone level fluctuations
  •         Obesity
  •         Trauma
  •         Heredity
  •         Age

What treatment options are there for spider veins?

Your doctor will do a physical examination, which includes ultrasound imaging to evaluate your vein health. Usually considered a cosmetics procedure, the best treatment option for spider veins is sclerotherapy. This is a procedure that requires your doctor to inject a solution into your affected veins. The solution then scars and closes them, forcing blood to reroute through your healthy veins. The treated veins fade in a few weeks.

Spider Veins

How can you enhance the flow of blood in your lower legs?

Spider veins are inevitable, and anyone can get them.

You can enhance blood flow in your legs through various steps like:

  •         Wear compression stockings
  •         Put up your feet when you are seated
  •         Engage in physical activities
  •         If you are obese, lose weight
  •         Avoid situations that will make you stand or sit for long hours

Spider veins should no longer plague your skin surface. Whether you want the veins gone for cosmetic reasons or to prevent future development of chronic venous insufficiency, Vascular Vein Centers is the facility to visit. Book an appointment online today or call to inquire about the available treatment options for spider veins.