Your Chronic Pain Solution Specialist

Chronic Pain Solution

Do you experience persistent pain that is indifferent to conventional treatment methods? If so, then perhaps you should consider interventional therapy for a lasting reprieve. Do not let chronic pain hamper your life quality. If you seek a competent McAllen pain medicine physician, contact the Rio Grande Pain Team for practical solutions.

About Rio Grande Pain Team

Rio Grande Pain Team comprises experts Dennis Slavin, MD, and Rosabel Gonzalez, PA. Together, the doctors aim to assist patients with relief from chronic pain. With specialized treatment that directly targets the source of pain, Texas residents struggling with pain get to feel better and regain control of their lives.

Your physicians at Rio Grande Pain Team can help you if your chronic pain is unresponsive to conventional treatments. Being interventional pain management specialists, the doctors use diagnostic tests to identify the source of your pain. Further, your doctor recommends one of the numerous interventional methods for relief.

If you meet the adept professionals, you can feel confident knowing your specialist will put your best interests at heart while managing your pain. Dr. Slavin boasts more than two decades of experience and is board certified in interventional pain management, pain medicine, and anesthesiology.

The team offers exceptional prowess and more. Jointly, they guarantee each patient’s compassion and dedication to alleviating your pain and improving your overall life quality.

Why Choose the Rio Grande Pain Team?

  •   Vast Experience- Being in existence for more than twenty years, the Rio Grande Pain Team has made a reputation for itself by performing successful treatments.
  •   Customizable Care- Regardless of your condition, the expert panel formulates a specialized treatment plan to meet your individual needs.
  •   Cutting-edge Technology- Your expert specialist at Rio Grande Pain Team employs the latest evidence-based treatments to achieve optimal results.

Available Services

At Rio Grande Pain Team, you may access high-class treatment for a full range of conditions such as;

  • Piriformis Syndrome Specialist- This condition causes radiating leg pain similar to sciatica since they affect the same nerve. Dennis Slavin, MD, is well versed in the cruelty of your pain. For a remedy, he offers treatments that focus on the source of your problem.
  • Back Pain Specialist- Your spine works to support your whole body. As a result, it is constantly in motion. This motion causes back pain in adults over time. Contact Rio Grande Pain Team to get a reprieve for an effective treatment plan.
  • Epidural Steroid Injection Specialist- Common causes of chronic pain in adults include back and neck pain. If you suffer from constant spine-related pain, Dr. Dennis specializes in image-guided epidural steroid injections to resume your life.
  • Shoulder Pain Specialist- Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. Thus, it is susceptible to degenerative diseases and injuries, leading to intense pain. If conservative therapies prove inadequate, Dr. Dennis, a specialist in interventional pain management, can formulate a treatment plan to relieve your shoulder pain.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Specialist- Severe back pain resulting from compressed or damaged spinal nerves can be difficult to treat. However, your specialist at the Rio Grande Pain Team adopts state-of-the-art spinal cord stimulator technology to manage your condition.
  • Interventional Pain Management Specialist- Your skillful doctor resorts to this treatment to address unbearable pain unyielding to conventional treatment. To diagnose your pain and get significant relief, contact the Rio Grande Pain Team.

If you witness pain in your neck, back, legs, arm, or any other body areas, contact Rio Grande Pain Team or book an online appointment for lasting relief.