Top Signs You Could Have Diabetes


Diabetes is a severe medical condition that is popular among adults. If you have diabetes, you must manage your blood sugars and monitor them closely to ensure they are within the desired target. While diabetes comes in different types, there are two main types: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. They differ on what causes them. It would be best to recognize the signs of diabetes, which could increase your chances of an early diagnosis. Thankfully, if you notice you have diabetes, with Humble, TX critical care medicine, you can get the medical care you deserve.

However, you need to understand that the early signs of diabetes are not always noticeable. Most people are asymptomatic, and they can remain … Read the rest

Tips for Managing Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes in Lady Lake, you can put in some effort to manage it at home. There are lots of factors that may affect your blood sugar levels. Some of them include the following:


Adopting a healthy diet is essential if you have diabetes. It is not only about what you eat but also how much you eat. Pay attention to the carbs you eat. They have the greatest impact on your blood sugar levels. Carb counting makes it possible to determine the amount of insulin you need if you take mealtime insulin. Keep track of your portions to ensure that your count is accurate.

Your meals should always be balanced. Try to … Read the rest