Stem Cell Therapy Prevents the Need for Back Surgery

Finding relief from pain and discomfort due to chronic back pain can be trying. Surgery may be recommended where traditional treatment fails to relieve pain or help you regain normal range of motion. At Subach Spinal Solutions, Dr. Brian R. Subach and his team understand that surgery is not always the best approach to chronic back pain. It has a lengthy recovery period and there is a chance that it may prove futile or cause other back problems. Therefore, it is worth considering other innovative treatment plans, including stem cell therapy, to address your problem without going under the knife.

The Power of Stem Cells

Stem cell treatment has long been used in the treatment of leukemia through bone marrow transplant. However, the use of managing chronic pain has been shrouded in mystery due to misinformation about how this treatment method works.

For starters, stem cells are used as the raw materials from which your body repairs damaged cells. Further, stem cells are capable of transforming themselves into various specialized cells including bone, blood, and muscle cells.

Back Surgery

Your specialists at Subach Spinal Solutions use stem cell therapy to treat various conditions, including back pain. During treatment, stem cells will be harvested from your fat tissue and injected into the tissue which has suffered damage.  Stem cells drawn from the fat are capable of multiplying in the site where injected, playing a part in healing.

Stem Cells for Back Pain

When the discs in between your vertebrae start to wear down due to age, this causes the bones at the joint to have direct contact, leading to inflammation and pain. According to a 2015 research by the Mayo Clinic, stem cell treatment increases the disc height, reducing friction between the vertebrae bones. Less friction between the vertebrae bones is a good thing in reducing pain and inflammation.

Is Stem Cell Therapy the Right Treatment for Me?

If you are suffering from back pain due to degenerative disc disease and medication and physical therapy is not giving you relief from pain, your next conventional treatment option is spinal fusion. This invasive treatment option fuses the bones in your spine to minimize motion and improve pain. However, this provides short-term relief from back pain.

Instead of surgery, your doctor at Subach Spinal Solutions can inject stem cells, drawn from your body, into the spine to stimulate natural healing and development of healthier disc tissue. It will take time before total healing can happen with stem cell therapy, though you will feel improvement within two to six weeks.  Besides healing back pain, this treatment option heals joint injuries, arthritis, and general body pain in multiple areas including knee, elbow, shoulder, neck, and wrist.

Thanks to inventions in modern medicine, there is a better alternative to surgery if you are suffering from back pain. You can regain your range of motion and enjoy a quality of life without back pain. Schedule a consultation with your experienced doctor to learn how stem cell therapy can help.