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Hair Restoration

Texas Hair Restoration Center is a full-scope hair loss treatment center that offers every patient scientifically proven remedies. The facility is strategically situated at the heart of Austin, TX, and is readily accessible to people from all across Travis County. Paul Pearce, MD, and his staff of clinical specialists understand that hair restoration is much more than just hair. The care concentrates on improving the physical aspect of your hair as well as your confidence. To establish how you could benefit from the care, set up a consultation with Dr. Paul M Pearce through mobile or book online today.

Meet Dr. Pearce

Paul Pearce, MD, is committed to assisting patients in resolving hair loss difficulties and offers the most advanced … Read the rest

Safe and Effective Hair Restoration Treatments in Hauppauge, New York

Around 60% and 50% of the adult men and women population suffer from hair loss. To their relief, advanced laser hair restoration treatments have come to prevent further hair loss and even enhance the growth of hair. Hauppauge hair restoration and transplant specialist Dr. David A. Mayer, MD, leads a team of highly-qualified professionals at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers to offer top-notch hair restoration procedures for men and women in and out of New York. To schedule a consultation book one online or call the office today.


What Is Hair Restoration?

Also referred to as hair transplant surgery, hair restoration is the cosmetic procedure that restores hair growth for people with a bald scalp or thinning hair. Patients … Read the rest