What You Ought to Know About Telemedicine

Telemedicine involves the use of advanced technologies to pass your medical information over your phone or internet. This process makes it easy for you to receive treatment and diagnosis for your health problems at your comfort without visiting the doctor. Browlyn Marquez, MSN, FNP-C, APN at Live Urgent Care, uses this program to diagnose common health problems such as fevers, strep throat, coughs, yeast infections, stomach bugs, food poisoning, asthma, colds and flu, urinary tract infections, strep throat, and upper respiratory tract infections. Before you get started, it would be best to understand the telemedicine program prior to deciding to add new technologies to upgrade your services.

Live Urgent Care

Improves Quality of your Health

Telemedicine can give you quality healthcare. It also creates room for you to address your health issues quickly and learn about your options for your treatment in a few minutes. It is a low stress process, and you will not be prone to get admitted to hospitals.

It’s Cost-Effective

Electronic data storage, monitoring, and remote analysis services reduce the cost of taking care of your health, saves the money you could have used during visits, and eliminates your regular checkups’ transportation expenses. It can also help boost revenue by reducing shows, turning on-call hours, and reducing physicians who can switch from home model to flexible work for the week. If you are an investor, this program helps you in cost savings.

Enhances your Commitment

When you commit yourself to telemedicine, it helps you maintain your care schedules and appointments, thus helping you achieve your own goals of improving your health. Also, your increased engagement will assist you in curbing obesity and the use of tobacco through the encouragement that you get. This helps you make healthy choices in your lifestyle. However, you not only get assured that your providers are available for your care but also you can reach out with your questions easily, have a follow-up appointment, and also can report your early warning signs.

It’s Most Convenient

If you don’t prefer in-person patient care, here is your solution. Telemedicine is the most convenient way of taking care of your health without the cost of a personal visit. Suppose you live in remote areas and cannot take time off from work. In that case, you can access your health care virtually via smartphone apps, video conferencing, and online management systems to connect with your provider.

Offer Better Access to More Specialists

Your location does not matter with telemedicine services. You can access the specialist of your choice despite your residential area. You get referred to the physician that you need depending on your disease. You do not have to endure any long commutes for your appointment or even have trouble accessing lifesaving consultation for your plans on chronic care.

Now that you know about the telemedicine program, you may have additional questions. If you would like your queries to be answered by a qualified medical practitioner, do not hesitate to book your appointment with Dr. Marquez.