Minimally Invasive Treatment for Orthopedic Injuries in Sanford, Florida

Orthopedic Injuries

An orthopedic injury can be painful and a source of massive discomfort, limiting your mobility and productivity at work. You may benefit from the latest diagnostics, testing, and treatment options offered at Lake Family Medicine & Imaging. For Sanford orthopedic injuries, contact the practice to meet Dr. Kandavanam to receive a fully personalized treatment plan. Patients in Florida can book an appointment via phone, the patient’s portal, or the website.

About Orthopedic Injuries

An orthopedic injury can affect the bones, muscles, and connective tissue. You may develop uncomfortable symptoms of acute orthopedic and overuse injuries. Common injuries that may hold you back from achieving your best productivity include:

  •       Bursitis
  •       Fractures
  •       Tendinitis
  •       Dislocations
  •       Sprained ankles
  •       Cartilage tears
  •       Plantar fasciitis
  •       Rotator
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