Finding an Ideal Orthopedic Specialist in La Jolla, CA and Chula Vista, CA

Orthopedic injuries might threaten your sports career, productivity at work, and quality of life. If you are in California you can visit Dr. Kristopher Downing and Dr. Daniel Brereton in La Jolla or Chula Vista for surgical and non-surgical remedies.

About the Practice

Upper Extremity Specialists of Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group provide treatment for upper extremities through surgical and non-surgical methods. Dr. Downing and Dr. Brereton provide overall orthopedic care with a specialization in orthopedic care of the upper extremity. The entire staff is qualified, certified, and motivated to provide relevant assistance.

The physicians of Upper Extremity Specialists will help you get quick relief from upper extremity trauma, injuries, and diseases through personalized care. The treatment plan includes meticulous/reparative … Read the rest