How Do You Prepare for a Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Pregnancy Ultrasound

For many women, pregnancy is a significant and joyous milestone. It can also be a scary time, with so many appointments to honor, tests to get, and items to buy. It is not uncommon to feel anxious and unprepared. Because fertility doctors understand this worry, they have designed a service that provides you with extra support during your early weeks of pregnancy.

This article reviews the benefits of pregnancy ultrasound in Newport Beach and how you can better prepare for it.

Why Should You Get a Pregnancy Ultrasound?

A pregnancy ultrasound can be optional or ordered by a doctor. When optional, it is done to monitor the development of a baby from the early stages. It could also be used to determine the sex of the child or produce images for posterity.

Your doctor might order the procedure if they detect a problem in a blood test. During the first trimester, they might also request it for several medical reasons, such as:

  • Checking the baby’s heartbeat
  • Checking for multiple pregnancies
  • Confirming pregnancy
  • Estimating the due date
  • Checking for abnormal growths
  • Diagnosing an ectopic pregnancy

What Happens During an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a pretty straightforward procedure. When you arrive at the doctor’s office, you lie down on the examination bed. A technician applies a special gel to your pelvic and abdominal area then places a transducer onto your belly. The wand will transmit images of the fetus onto an ultrasound screen. Usually, the technician will ask you to hold your breath or move during the procedure.

If the technician is satisfied with the pictures, they will wipe off the gel from your belly and call in the doctor to explain the results.

Important things to note about the procedure include:

  • The gel is used to help enhance the projection of the sound waves.
  • It is water-based and won’t form any stains on your belly or clothes.
  • The transducer captures images in black and white.

Preparing for an Ultrasound

Preparing for your ultrasound begins by making an appointment with your doctor. They will usually provide you with instructions to ensure smooth running on the procedure day. Usually, you might need to do the following:

  •   Fill Your Bladder

If you are less than 14 weeks pregnant, your doctor will ask you to come with a full bladder. The presence of fluid improves the quality of the ultrasound. However, you might not need to do this during later sessions as the fetus will have grown.

  •   Wear Loose Clothing

An ultrasound involves baring your belly. This will be easier to do if you are wearing loose clothing. Additionally, it is often advisable to wear a two-piece outfit, as this will allow easy access to your belly without undressing.

  •   Inform Someone

An ultrasound can be a momentous and emotional occasion. If you wish to share it with someone, invite them and inform your doctor beforehand so they can be accommodated in the ultrasound room.


It is human nature to want to control everything. Although you cannot control how your baby develops, you can monitor their growth from the very beginning. An ultrasound will allow you and your doctor to check on the baby’s heartbeat and fetal development.

Are you considering an early pregnancy ultrasound? Sharon Moayeri, MD, and Nidhee Sachdev, MD, of OC Fertility in Newport Beach, California, offer ultrasound services from early pregnancy and beyond. Contact them today to schedule your appointment.