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Smooth and perfect skin can be challenging to accomplish. If you have been trying different skincare products on the market and nothing has changed, you might benefit from prescription skincare. For prescription skin care, Woodbury patients can be seen by a specialist at Cosmedoctor to receive the treatment and products they need to achieve the skin they desire. Contact their offices to schedule your initial consultation to get started on your course to smooth and vibrant skin.

What does prescription skincare mean?

There are thousands of skin care products on the market today, and all of them promise to provide perfect skin. However, if you face continuous skin problems that are not fixed by over-the-counter skin care products, prescription skin care can be helpful. Prescription skin care is more efficient than over the counter products. To access prescription skin care, you need to consult a professional like Dr. Layliev of Cosmedoctor.

How do over the counter products differ from prescribed skincare products?

There are several variations between the skincare products prescribed by a professional skincare specialist and those at your local drugstore. Over the counter products:

  •       Often contain less powerful ingredients than prescribed products
  •       Have a big price range amongst products
  •       Are approved by the FDA, but are not sufficiently tested
  •       Do not need a prescription to buy

Prescription products, on the other hand:

  •       Have undergone several clinical trials
  •       Contain various strong ingredients
  •       Require prescription to buy

Depending on your health insurance plan, prescription skincare products might be more costly than over the counter products.

prescription skin care, Woodbury

What conditions does prescription skin care treat?

Various distressing skin conditions can be remedied by prescription skincare. Dermatologists at Cosmedoctor may prescribe medications that can:

  •       Treat symptoms of sun damage
  •       Smoothen skin tone
  •       Reduce aging signs
  •       Treat stubborn acne

Is it good to combine prescription skin care products with over-the-counter medications?

Your specialist can prescribe a combination of over-the-counter and prescription options. Always seek assistance from your provider before you utilize an over the counter option that he has not recommended to avoid adverse effects.

What are the side effects of prescription skin care products?

You might experience mild side effects when utilizing any type of skincare product, including prescribed products. These side effects include:

  •   Intensified breakouts in the areas of application
  •   Increased sensitivity to sunlight
  •   Flaky and dark spots in areas of application
  •   Redness on the face

If you experience any of these side effects after your treatment, consult your provider for more advice. Your doctor can tell you to wait a little longer and see if they disappear, or he can adjust your plan of treatment.

A confident skin begins at Cosmedoctor with Dr. Layliey. He will provide you with a thorough and detailed diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan for you. His team is compassionate and creates relationships with the patients by listening to what is important to them and noticing the details.

Smooth and vibrant skin can assist you in feeling more confident about your look. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Layliey at Cosmedoctor today by calling his offices or using the online appointment tool.