Women’s Health at Dekalb Women’s Specialists

When it comes to women’s health and wellness, sexual and reproductive health is of significant concern. It can be hard to decipher the cause or what might be a sign of a potential health issue. If you feel embarrassed about your sexual and reproductive health issues, Dekalb Women’s Specialists are here to listen to you and offer quality gynecology and obstetrical care. The clinic has board-certified personnel and years of experience to deal with your specific health needs. The specialists provide general services in gynaecology while using advanced methods and procedures to promote staying healthy and quick healing.

What are the services offered at the facility?

Pregnancy Care

A woman experiences lots of changes in her body during pregnancy. Women need to receive care from specialists to avoid the complications that might arise during or after pregnancy. Dekalb Women’s Specialists will give you all the support you need throughout your pregnancy and through delivery. You will receive screening and all the prenatal support services as well as education that will guide you towards becoming a mother.


If you experience problems with your reproductive system such as heavy bleeding, intense cramping, vaginal problems, or other symptoms of concern, a gynecologist is there to give you a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The specialists will conduct a diagnosis and evaluation of your problem and customize a treatment according to your needs.

Dekalb Women’s Specialists

Birth Control

Women might have a hard time choosing what birth control method is best for them. The type of method you choose depends on many factors, such as the desire to have children in the future, your health, and your lifestyle. Specialists in this facility will give you counselling and recommendations depending on your needs.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery will allow the doctor to use techniques that reduce the number of incisions. This technique is safer than open surgery and allows quick recovery, less time spent in the hospital, and avoids other risks of open surgery.

Well-woman Exam

Well-woman exams are an important step a woman can take to protect her health. It is a yearly visit to the doctor to diagnose and treat breast and gynaecological diseases. The experienced team of health care providers at Dekalb Women’s Specialists will provide a comprehensive approach to satisfy your needs.


Infertility is a condition that affects many couples in the United States. Infertility results from different factors, and it has many treatment options. Being infertile does not necessarily mean that you will never get pregnant. If you are struggling with infertility, specialists are there to offer you medical help infertility evaluations and comprehensive care based on your needs.

Other treatment services provided at Dekalb Women’s Specialists include da Vinci robotic surgery to help treat menopause, midwife services, childbirth, in-office procedures, and services for endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), ultrasounds, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, pelvic pain, abdominal pain, hormonal imbalance, and uterine fibroids.

Take advantage of the skills from the specialists at Dekalb Women’s Specialists so that they can help you with the health issues of women. The specialists will utilize their extra training and experience to treat and prevent any health issues.