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Wound care

Whether it’s from an accident or a medical condition, wounds should be well taken care of to limit bacterial growth and the level of infection. When an injury forms, it’s essential to maintain cleanliness and proper sterilization and take further medical attention. Wound Evolution- Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine is a health practice specializing in wound care services led by Dr. Ashley Huddleston in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. They provide patients with advanced and quality wound care services. They are passionate about their patients and take pride in serving communities in Dallas and Tarrant counties.

The team at Wound Evolution consists of highly skilled and certified wound care physicians and providers. They are welcoming to their patients, providing them with a holistic environment whenever in their offices. Compassionate specialists strive to meet the individual needs of their patients. Through the use of advanced medical techniques, they provide a thorough diagnosis and develop personalized treatment options. They focus on healing the wound ultimately to preserve the limbs and avoid amputation.

Wound Evolution – Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine offer comprehensive wound care services in bone infections, chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers and wounds, and pilonidal cysts. The main treatments include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, compression therapy, wound debridement, and bioengineered skin grafts. The team offers excellent customer service by understanding their patients’ needs and making their experience at their premises smooth and peaceful. They have a quick payment process and accept most major insurance covers.

They offer services such as:

Surgical wound complication

Whenever you undergo a surgical procedure, your body becomes at risk of getting a complication. Wound infections are one type of surgical wound complications. At Wound Evolution, they offer personalized treatment plans to patients with surgical wound complications to help you heal and to avoid going back to the hospital. Call them today to schedule your consultation or book an appointment online.

Chronic wounds

Chronic wounds are wounds that do not heal independently and may lead to loss of tissues and skin around the injury and more severe complications when left untreated. Dr. Ashley, MD, and Autumn Savage DO, and the team at Wound Evolution specializes in chronic wound services and provides advanced treatment plans to help your wound heal. Visit them at Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, today.

Bone infection

Bone infection develops when an infection moves through your bloodstream or from the surrounding tissue to your bone. The team at Wound Evolution offers specialized bone infection treatment to their patients to help them heal and recover from their infections. Call them or book an appointment online today.

There are many healthcare practices, but finding one that specializes in wound care is priceless. Wound Evolution- Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine specialize in providing quality and effective wound care services in patients around Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. Their team is well trained and qualified in offering advanced wound care diagnosis and treatment. They are welcoming to their patients, understanding their every need. They provide all types of wound care services, including bone infections, diabetes wounds, surgical wound complications, among others. They focus on healing the wound and preventing more severe complications such as amputation. Visit them today to receive quality wound care services.