Cook Brown Rice for a Healthy Life

Brown or whole-grain rice has recently attracted a great deal of attention as a super-healthy food. Most everyone now knows that this kind of food is better than the white variety. The main reason is that the darker types of rice are made from whole grain. It is therefore retaining all of its vital nutrients, which are stripped away in white varieties (and white bread for that matter).

Brown rice can be a part of lifestyle change, including going vegetarian or even vegan, and consuming whole food products and possibly not consuming meat or dairy. But even if you don’t want to go that far, you can start with consuming darker types of rice.

Eating whole-grain rice, like eating dark bread, is an acquired taste. If you keep eating it for a while you will get used to it. Children should be exposed to the taste at an early stage, otherwise some may have a hard time getting started with it.

Whole-grain rice is chewy because it maintains the bran. It therefore keeps the vitamins and the fiber, which are discarded in white rice.

While it is better to consume whole-grains not over-cooked, I have found that it is easier to get used to it if it is somewhat over-cooked and soft. That provides an easier transition from white to brown rice.

Studies show that certain cancer like colon cancer may be affected by eating high fiber diet. The bran in whole-grains is a great source of fiber. Not only it helps reduce the chance of cancer, but also it helps with bowel movement. Additionally, brown rice is filling and that can induce weight loss, as you lose the desire to eat more quickly.

Whole-grain rice is rich in anti-oxidants. While we give the anti-oxidant aware to berries, whole-grain rice is right up there with the berries in anti-oxidant properties.

Whole-grain rice is great baby food, since it is full of nutrients, minerals, and fiber, also bringing bowel regularity to infants.

The sugar in whole-grain rice is slowly released, so it is a perfect product for sufferers of diabetes. People who regularly consume whole-grain rice can decrease their chance of diabetes by a substantial portion.


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