Treatment Options for Heart Care

You will have over 2.5 billion heartbeats in your lifetime. This is why Prime Heart and Vascular believe that you deserve to have your heart taken care of by experienced professionals without fail to lead a healthy life. Whether you have experienced a cardiac emergency, have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular problem, or are in the journey to recovery after treatment, our team of professionals led by DR. Rishin Shah provides comprehensive care tailored to suit your patient-care needs.

Our experience has taught us that there will always be a difference between two people’s conditions, no matter how much they look similar. Our treatment plans are personalized to meet your unique situation and requirements. We provide our patients with the most advanced care based on cutting-edge technology and our combined experience.

Our Services and Procedures Offered

  • Cardiac testing
  • Angioplasty
  • Adult congenital heart disease
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardio-oncology
  • Heart failure
  • Pulmonary vascular disease
  • Heart attack care
  • Vascular disease
  • Structural heart and valve disease
  • Wellness and protection

Benefits of Interventional Cardiology

Intervention cardiology has high success rates and provides patients with the following benefits:

 Less pain and scarring: In interventional cardiology, a catheter is inserted in the heart through a small incision, which has less pain and scarring than open-heart surgery. The procedure can last for 30 minutes.

Reduced risk of a heart attack: If you suffer from chest pains and shortness of breath, interventional cardiology can help relieve such symptoms. Besides, the procedure can be used to restore the flow of blood and open arteries, thus reducing your chances of suffering from a heart attack.

Ideal for young heart patients: Valvuloplasty is an interventional cardiology procedure that is highly effective for treating infants and children who have heart problems.

Less expensive: Interventional cardiology costs less compared to other heart surgery procedures.

Difference Between Interventional Cardiology and Vascular Surgery

It is vital to know what distinguishes cardiac catheterization from vascular surgery since this can help you to know about the merits and risks associated with each of these procedures. Intervention cardiology can treat several heart diseases while UPMC vascular surgery helps correct defects that affect the veins, arteries, and aorta. Let us now look at the distinct differences between the two procedures:

Nature and scope: In interventional cardiology, heart procedures are conducted using real-time imaging. The method has fewer demands and helps provide immediate action that is required when responding to life-threatening emergencies.

Pain barrier: There is less pain and invasion when using interventional cardiology compared to when vascular surgery procedure is used.

Hospital stays: You do not need to be sedated during heart treatment using intervention cardiology. You do not need to spend time in the hospital after treatment using intervention cardiology.

Whether you suffer from varicose veins, deep thrombosis, or require treatment for serious heart disease, you can count on Prime Heart and Vascular to provide you with high-quality care. Our cardiologists will be with you at every moment from diagnosis, treatment, to recovery.

Herniated Disc: What Are the Symptoms and Causes?

All bones forming the spine are held together by discs. The discs are like small pillows, round with tough outer layers surrounding the nucleus. Herniated disc in Houston clarifies that the discs are located in the spinal column of each vertebra and act as a shock absorber for your spinal bones.

A herniated disc is that disc fragment pushed into the spinal canal through a rupture or tear in the annulus. Discs that get herniated are those in their early stages of degeneration.

The spinal canal has a small space that is inadequate for displaced, herniated disc fragments, and spinal nerves. The displacement makes the discs press against spinal nerves, causing you pain which can be severe in most cases.

Herniated discs can happen in any part of your spine, but it’s more common in the lower back or the lumbar spine area. It also occurs in the cervical spine (neck). You experience pain depending on the affected part of your spine.

What Are the Causes of Herniated Discs?

Usually, if you suffer an injury or excessive strain on your spinal region. Disc materials can also degenerate naturally as you get older, weakening the ligaments holding the discs in place. With the progression of the degeneration, even a minor twist or spraining movement can make the disc rupture.

Certain people are more vulnerable to herniated disc problems and can suffer this condition in several places along their spine. Research shows that predisposition for this condition exists in families where there are previously affected members.

What Are the Symptoms of Herniated Discs?

Symptoms usually vary depending on the part of your spine that is affected and the size of that herniation.

  • If the disc is pressed on your spinal nerves, then you may be having a low backache or even experience no pain at all. There can also be pain, weakness, or numbness in the area of the body where the nerves travel. In most cases, herniated discs come with low back pain.
  • You can experience low back pain on the left or right side of the affected area. The pain is like a sharp electric shock and is severe when sitting, walking, or standing. The pain worsens when you straighten your leg.
  • You can experience cervical (neck) pain because of nerve compression. This includes a sharp pain in your neck or between your shoulder blades. The pain radiates down your arm going to your hand or your fingers. You can also experience tingling or numbness in your arm or shoulder. This pain increases when you make certain neck movements or positions.

When to Seek Treatment

The majority of herniated disc issues don’t need surgery. With time, these symptoms improve for 9/10 people. However, it can take a few days or weeks to see that improvement.

Consult your doctor for testing and proper diagnosis. This ensures that you get the right treatment in time. Book an appointment with a spine specialist like a neurosurgeon if your symptoms persist for more than four weeks.


When you notice these symptoms, seek urgent evaluation and radiographic imaging to determine the nature of your herniated disc problems. This ensures you get the proper treatment and medication. Book an appointment for an exam with a spine specialist.

Top 5 Weight Control Strategies You Can Apply

The rate of weight loss depends on your body’s metabolism and other factors such as physical activities and body composition, which are all unique to everyone. Based on the concept of ‘calories in, calories out,’ you should consume less than you burn. This technique is a pillar step towards losing weight.

Ashburn weight-loss counseling won’t recommend losing water weight on low-carb diets. In most cases, you regain your weight immediately after you are back to the regular carb diets. This eating habit is incredibly dispiriting if you are looking forward to long-lasting results.

Many people get challenged while losing their weight and give up because they lack a strategy on how to cut off their extra weight. The following are five strategies you can employ on a journey to control your weight.

1.     Tracking Your Diet and Exercise

If you want to lose weight, you should pay attention to every beverage or meal you take. You can achieve these by logging everything you consume either in a journal or online food tracker. Research has proved that there is a correlation between weight loss and consistent monitoring of food intake and exercise.

2.     Eating Mindfully

A good number of people take their meals on the run. Due to this, they are barely aware of the meal they are taking. The mindfully eating technique includes being aware of how and where you eat your food. This practice will not only enable you to enjoy the meal but also maintain a healthy weight.

While taking your meal, ensure you are sitting, preferably at a table. To avoid distractions, keep away from phones, laptops, and television. While choosing food, go for one with plenty of nutrients that will satisfy you for hours.

3.     Balancing Gut Bacteria

Human beings have a vast number and variety of microorganisms in their gut. Some of the organism increases the rate of energy harvesting from food, leading to increased fat deposits and weight gain.

To counteract the fat deposits, you will need to consume food rich in a wide variety of plants. Increasing fiber intake in the body will help diverse the set of gut bacteria. You should ensure your meal contains 75% of vegetables and other fiber-based food. Prebiotic and fermented food also stimulates the growth and activities of good bacteria that aids weight loss.

4.     Getting Inadequate Sleep

Research suggests that having less than 5-6 hours of sleep per night increases your chances of being obese. Insufficient sleep will slow down the metabolic rate. When the rate at which your body converts calories to energy is less effective, your body stores the unused energy as fat.

Inadequate sleep leads to stimulation of the production of cortisol and insulin, which the body stores as fat under the skin. The amount of sleep you attain affects the regulation of the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Signal transmission from the stomach to the brain involves the hormone leptin.

5.     Managing Stress Levels

Stress triggers the production of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which are part of the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. With constant pressure, cortisol can remain in your bloodstream which increases your appetite. Cortisol will replenish your body’s nutrient storage with carbohydrates. Insulin will transport sugar from the blood to muscles, or stored as fat if not utilized. You can try stress management methods such as yoga, breathing and relaxation, and spending time outdoors.

Final Thoughts

The rate at which one loses weight varies from one individual to another. Although weight loss is a challenging procedure for many, there are strategies to give hope as well. On your weight loss journey, ensure you keep track of your diet and exercise routine. Always be mindful of any drink of meal you consume. Ensuring you get adequate sleep and having a stress management mechanism plays a significant role in weight control.

Why You Need to Try Online Video Therapy

Are time and booking concerns keeping you from addressing your mental and emotional needs? You ought not to worry anymore. Thriving Mind Psychology understands your busy schedule and other worries and is leading in providing the best online video therapy in New York. Thriving Mind Psychology is staffed with competent psychologists. The team prides in providing unparalleled treatment at the comfort of your home or office using internet-based video conferencing software.

What is Online Video Therapy?

You don’t have to pay a visit. The expert team in Thriving Mind Psychology can offer you high-quality treatment at the convenience of your house, office, or any location of your choosing. If you subscribe to this service, your therapist may provide you similar therapies to the ones available in-clinic.

Benefits of Online Video Therapy

With online video therapy, you get access to many benefits. Some patients choose online video therapy since they find it easier to open up about their feelings. This feature also lets you enjoy other benefits such as eliminating travel time, parking problems, and other issues associated with in-office appointments.

Is Online Video Therapy as Effective as In-person Therapy?

Studies reveal that online therapy, just as in-person therapy, is equally useful for specific treatments, for instance, cognitive-behavioral therapy. Also, according to research, a wide range of mental health conditions can be successfully treated with online video therapy.

Conditions Addressed with Online Video Therapy

The competent therapists at Thriving Mind Psychology are experienced in using online video therapy to address a variety of mental issues such as:

  • Trauma
  • Stress issues
  • Matters of depression
  • Anxiety problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Eating disorders.
  • Life coaching sessions

Requirements for an Online Video Therapy Appointment

To commence online therapy sessions, you will need a computer that has a high-speed internet connection, a microphone, and a camera. You will also require a quiet private room during the appointment. Before your first session, you might be required to download special video conferencing software. Your medic will give you the information you need to get started after your first consultation.

Should I Visit the Office or Can All My Therapy Happen Online?

The qualified practitioners at Thriving Mind Psychology recommend a face to face meeting with your therapist for the initial consultation. They might then recommend in-person appointments, depending on your needs. However, in-clinic sessions may not be applicable due to distance or other individual factors.

Services Offered

At Thriving Mind Psychology, you get access to a variety of services including:

  • Anger Management Specialist-this treatment assists you in identifying stressors in your life and provides recommendations on how to avoid them.
  • Couples Therapy Specialist-the psychologists provide compassionate couples therapy sessions to help bring your relationship back in form.
  • Fear of Flying Specialist-the specialists offer evidence-based treatment for flying phobia. This treatment lets you travel by air with ease.
  • Life Coach Specialist-if you are uncertain about your next course of action in life, the medics provide life coaching services to help you see things more clearly. Other services include ADHD specialists, group therapy, panic disorders, and many more.

Booking a therapy session should not stress you any longer. Thriving Mind Psychology is leading in exemplary service. Call their offices today to find out if online video therapy is ideal for you.

Republic Spine & Pain – Interventional Pain Management Specialists in Texas

Republic Spine and Pain provides interventional approaches to managing cancer, chronic, and acute pain for patients in Austin, TX, and Georgetown, TX. The physicians at the facility provide a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and use the most advanced pain management techniques. The pain management specialists at the facility utilize interventional pain management methods that directly address the source of pain and restores the quality of life for the patients.

Each specialist at the medical facility holds various board certifications, including interventional pain management and anesthesia. They treat the conditions that cause pain, such as arthritis, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, and spinal stenosis, by providing personalized care depending on the unique needs of every patient.

The pain management options offered by Republic Spine & Pain include the Veriflex® Superion®, trigger point injections, spinal cord stimulators, radiofrequency ablation, and nerve blocks. The objective of this health center is to ensure that every patient reduces or even ultimately eliminates the need for pain medication progressively.

Our patients enjoy the warm and welcoming staff at Republic Spine & Pain. We ensure that each patient gets exceptional treatment as our physicians get to know each patient as a person and focus their attention on the individual needs of every patient. That enables us to treat patients as a whole.

Our services

  • Pain Management
  • Low Back Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Sciatica
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Epidural Steroid Injection
  • Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Vertiflex Superion
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Shingles
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Knee Injections
  • Whiplash
  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Affiliated Providers:

  • Judith Arrington
  • Dr. James Fay
  • Dr. Clement Yeh
  • Dr. Mahan Ostadian

Dr. Clement Yeh is the co-founder of the Republic Spine & Pain. HE is a double certified specialist in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. The pain management procedures he usually performs include spinal cord stimulator implants, radiofrequency nerve ablation, sympathetic nerve blocks, trigger point injections, facet injections, nerve root blocks, and epidural steroid injections. He takes pride in offering patient-centered care, where he assists in developing individualized treatment plans for his patients to help them maintain their active lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

The other providers at the facility include nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, pain management specialists, and physician assistants. The medical taxonomies covered by the doctors at the facility include Osteopathic and Allopathic physicians.

Exceptional services

The providers and staff here are more than awesome. They serve each of their patients with passion, and the wait time is minimal. The doctors take time to listen to the needs of their patients to ensure they provide the best possible care and ensure that every patient is fully satisfied. Republic Spine & Pain does not stop caring when you step out of their door; they follow up with each of their patients until they recover completely.

Call us or use our online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

Essential Facts about Plastic Surgery

Beauty goes a long way in defining you. The face is the first thing people seem to notice about us. Are you looking to improve your facial appearance? Might you be considering facial plastic surgery? If so, then you know you need a professional you can trust. Dr. Pastorek is a New York, NY, facial plastic surgeon offering top-notch facial plastic surgery and skin procedures in a compassionate but skillful environment. The doctor works jointly with his wife Dr. Janice to provide patients with advanced skincare therapies.

About Dr. Pastorek

Dr. Norman J. Pastorek is one of the world’s most decorated facial plastic surgeons. If you visit his clinic, you will find an array of services ranging from facelifts, chin augmentation, otoplasty, and rhinoplasty among others. Dr. Pastorek is among the most recognized facial surgeons and has a record that speaks for itself.

The doctor has been in service for more than three decades and has garnered many awards throughout the practice. Besides facial surgery, Dr. Pastorek also serves as a respected medical educator to the medical community. Also, he has edited two textbooks on facial plastic surgery and authored several book chapters and scientific papers.

Available Services

Dr. Norman Pastorek offers a variety of services such as:

  • Rhinoplasty Specialist-Rhinoplasty is the most demanding type of plastic surgery. Dr. Pastorek uses the Closed Rhinoplasty procedure. The process is quick, and you will be discharged after one hour of treatment with significant results visible after a week. The doctor is highly experienced in performing rhinoplasty using modern methods and NASA technology.
  • Laser Genesis Specialist-Are you worried about the contours on your skin? Laser Genesis Treatment is the solution to your worries. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen to correct noticeable signs of aging. Dr. Pastorek provides state-of-the-art Laser Genesis Therapy to restore your skin’s youthful feel.
  • Botox Specialist-Botox offers noninvasive procedures to reduce wrinkles. Dr. Norman uses neuromodulators to alleviate facial wrinkles and folds such as crow’s feet and frown lines. It is a quick process you can begin to witness the results of the treatment after three days. Consult Dr. Norman and the team for this FDA approved procedure.
  • Eye Surgery Specialist-the doctor performs a wide range of eye surgeries such as brow lifts, blepharoplasty, and double eyelid surgeries to give you a younger and more natural look. Over his three decades of practice, the doctor has performed a significant number of successful blepharoplasty procedures.
  • Face and Neck Lift Specialist-if you want a face and neck lift that is both professional and beautiful, then you need the services of a qualified surgeon. The well-known facial surgeon, Dr. Norman, can help renew your youthful beauty. You can choose to do a neck lift alone or go for a full face and neck lift. The procedure has minimal downtime and guarantees speedy recovery.
  • Chin Augmentation Specialist-if you feel like changing the look of your chin, a chin augmentation procedure is a solution. Treatment involves the use of chin implants to shape your chin perfectly. The doctor uses natural-like substances to give your chin a natural feel after the surgery.

If you feel like including plastic surgery to reach your aesthetic goals, you deserve the best service the industry has to offer. Contact or make an online appointment with Norman J. Pastorek, MD, FC FACS today for quality plastic surgery and other services.

What Are the Main Causes of Swollen Legs?

Swollen legs can be painful and frustrating. There are a lot of reasons why your legs may be swollen. However, the most common one is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in your tissues. The medical term for swollen legs is edema. Some of the main causes of the problem include pregnancy, salt retention, and cellulitis. If you have swollen legs, seek the help of Ariel Soffer MD, FACC.

In some instances, swollen legs may be an indication of circulation and heart problems. It may be related to factors such as:

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Heart failure
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Obesity
  • Sitting or standing for long hours
  • Pulmonary hypertension

Causes of Swollen Legs and their Treatment

Foot or Ankle Injuries

If you have sustained a foot or ankle injury, you may have a swollen foot. You may sprain your foot as a result of sports injuries, impact to your feet, or exercise injuries. The best way to deal with foot and ankle injuries is by applying the RICE procedure. It stands for rest, ice, compress, and elevate.

Venous Insufficiency

The veins in your legs have special valves that stop blood from flowing backward. If you have venous insufficiency, the valves in your legs may no longer function well. They may fail to transport enough blood to the heart. When blood flows back to the legs, it may cause swelling.

Symptoms of venous insufficiency include infection, skin ulcers, and a change in your skin color. If you have venous insufficiency, seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible. Your treatment may include wearing compression socks, regular exercise, and elevating your legs. The treatment you get depends on the severity of the problem.


Infections to your lower legs or ankles may cause swelling. If you have diabetes, you are at a high risk of developing infections in your feet. Gangrene is one of the most common causes of swollen feet. It causes your body tissue to die from severe infection.

The treatment depends on the type of infection you have and its severity. Your doctor may suggest surgery in severe cases.

Blood Clots

Blood clots in your feet or legs may be the cause of swelling. Usually, they develop on one side. The main types of blood clots are:

  • Deep-veined clots which occur in veins that are deep in your body
  • Superficial blood clots which typically occur close to the skin surface

The symptoms of blood clots include:

  • Fever
  • An area of warm skin on one leg
  • Pain or swelling in one leg
  • Color change on a part of your leg

If you suspect that you may have blood clots, seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible. If untreated, blood clots can be life-threatening. The most common treatment option for blood clots is an anticoagulant medication.

Swollen legs have many causes. Even though some of them may go away after some time, you may need the help of a doctor. They will provide you with a treatment that addresses the cause of your problem.

Your Secret to Beautiful Skin

Sagging and loose skin may bruise your ego and make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. Do you want the best care when it comes to facial tightening? A beautiful You Medical Spa is setting the standards when it comes to matters of skin tightening in Memphis to help you reach your aesthetic goals. They offer noninvasive treatment for skin tightening using Venus Legacy.

The compassionate team at the spa work with patients to make outward cosmetic changes. This assists in enhancing and complementing your inner beauty. Every member of the team puts focus on a patient and works with them to understand their goals. You do not have to worry about bills because they offer a variety of payment options and discounts.

What is Skin Tightening?

A Beautiful You Medical Spa offers noninvasive and comfortable treatment to tone and tighten your skin. This treatment can be useful in any part of your body to remedy conditions such as;

  • To remove the wrinkles and fine lines from your skin.
  • Drooping jowls knew as neck skin.
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite in your body.
  • To reduce the stretchmarks showing on your skin.
  • A condition such as sagging brows and undereye bags.

The good thing about skin tightening is that it does more than just tightening your skin. Also, it reduces redness, lesions, and improves your appearance too.

How Skin Tightening Works

The expert dermatologists at A Beautiful You Medical Spa offer skin tightening using Venus Legacy technology. They prefer this therapy because it is a comfortable treatment that also guarantees results.

When you visit the spa, your practitioner moves the Venus Legacy device over the areas of interest. This device sends pulsed electromagnetic fields and multipolar radiofrequency into your skin. In doing so, the energy creates therapeutic heat in the deep layers of your skin.

This heat destroys targeted fat cells and prompts your body to produce elastin and collagen. These proteins work to keep your skin smoother, tighter, and more elastic. You will experience immediate changes and steady improvement as your skin develops new elastin and collagen over time.

What Can I Expect During and After Skin A Tightening Treatment?

Venus Legacy therapy is entirely noninvasive. You will experience pulsed pressure as the device moves above your areas of treatment. The process will not cost you much in terms of time. It lasts for up to one hour. There is no downtime associated with this skin treatment, so it allows you to continue with your schedule immediately after the session.

The dermatologists listen to your skin tightening goals. After that, they examine your skin and proceed to offer a customized treatment plan ideal for you. For more results, it is advisable to schedule multiple skin tightening appointments.

Cleanliness involves taking good care of your skin. Smooth skin boosts your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. For this reason, you should not let skin conditions interfere with your self-esteem. You can call, text, or book an appointment with A Beautiful You Medical Spa for the best in skin tightening as per your aesthetic goals.