Benefits of Miradry Treatment

Miradry Treatment

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and is often on the cutting edge of medical progress. One such development is miradry treatments and you should see a Chicago miradry specialist if you suffer from excessive sweat.

Miradry is a non-surgical treatment that uses microwave energy targeted to the sweat glands to significantly reduce sweat production. It is FDA approved and can reduce sweat production by up to 90%.

The condition of producing excess sweat is called hyperhidrosis and affects more than 37 million Americans. Miradry is growing drastically as a solution for hyperhidrosis due to its benefits which include:

  1. Less Use of Harmful Chemicals

The foremost solution to excessive sweat is the use of deodorant … Read the rest

Questions to Ask Your OBGYN


As a woman, visiting a Womens Healthcare Physicians OB/GYN can be challenging. Talking about sensitive topics with another person is quite complex. However, regardless of how awkward the discussion is, you still have to talk about it for better healthcare from the physician. Seeing an OB/GYN is crucial at all stages of a woman’s life, whether in college, getting pregnant, or experiencing menopause. If you plan to start your visits to the OB/GYN, making the most from that visit is vital.

Ask About the Type of Exams You Need

Once you reach 21 years, a lot of things are happening in your life. Therefore, a woman needs to know the type of exams that need to be done for a … Read the rest

Why You Should go for Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening

Cancer is a disease that occurs due to the abnormal growth of cells in the body. When cancer starts in the skin, it is referred to as skin cancer. Cancer is the most common disease in the United States. Some people are more vulnerable to skin cancer however anyone can acquire it. If skin cancer is detected early, specialists can treat it, and there are high chances of eliminating it. Skin cancer has three major types: squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. You can minimize your chances of suffering from skin cancer by reducing your exposure to ultraviolet radiation. If you notice unusual changes in your skin, it is vital to go for a check-up to detect the … Read the rest

The Importance of Family Medicine

Family medicine

Having access to health care is a basic human requirement. Health care services are crucial in maintaining and promoting health, managing and preventing diseases, and reducing unnecessary disability. Through quality health care, a long life can be achieved. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that medicine is incorporated into a family setting. At Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, P.C., thorough primary health care practices ranging from children to adults are provided for every member of your family. The facility’s team of board-certified practitioners who are trained and empowered, including Peter Wenger MD, deliver quality primary health care services following their comprehensive understanding of family medicine.

About Family Medicine

Family medicine is a method of providing primary health care for … Read the rest

Did You Know About Eating Disorders? Let Us Find Out

Many diseases can affect people during their lifetime. Eating disorders are examples of disorders that affect human beings across the world. They are a result of physiological issues that affect your eating habits. Although these eating disorders affect both genders, teenage girls are most affected. Eating disorders are caused by mental conditions marked by an obsession with food and body shape. Huntington Beach eating disorder specialists at Genesis Behavioral Health are trained in providing help to those suffering from eating disorders. Below are examples of eating problems and their symptoms treatable by the health care providers.

Huntington Beach eating disorder

Top Three Common Eating Disorders and Their Symptoms

  • Binge eating disorder. It is the most common eating disorder that affects teenagers. This problem can
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What You Should Know About Pediatric Dermatology

When your child has a skin condition that makes both of you uncomfortable, it’s essential to have a dermatology specialist who you can reach out to. Bowling Green pediatric dermatology is experienced in all types of skin conditions, including diaper rashes, infantile hemangiomas, eczema, and skin growths.        Bowling Green pediatric dermatology

What Does Pediatric Dermatology Treatment Include? 

Pediatric dermatology deals with any conditions or issues affecting your child’s skin, hair, or nails. People are surprised to learn how birthmarks, skin growths, and common moles like infantile hemangiomas can be in young children and babies. However, these issues are easy to treat effectively with the help of the child’s dermatologist.       

What Is The Treatment For Severe Diaper Rash?

The best treatment for diaper rash is … Read the rest

Psychotherapy: What does it entail?

Psychotherapy is presented in many forms that have proven to help people struggling with mental illness. If you are looking for a therapist in Uptown, Uptown Psych offers varied psychotherapy services to help you and your loved ones handle any mental health issue or disorder. By attending psychotherapy sessions, and trusting licensed psychotherapy professionals, you can get help with battling mental health issues.


What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is referred to as talk therapy. It’s a method used to help people with mental illness. It helps eliminate symptoms and increase your health and wellbeing. During psychotherapy, you learn more about your feelings, moods, behaviors, and thoughts. It helps you know how to take control of your life.

Psychotherapy problems include … Read the rest

Comprehensive Eye and Vision Exams in Georgia

The eye is a susceptible organ, hence blurred or obscured vision should raise concerns. To receive quality care, you need to seek care from highly skilled specialists. Atlanta eye exams are available at Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center from qualified and caring professionals. They are welcoming all patients from Atlanta, East Point, Hapeville, and College Park, Georgia. Request an appointment by calling the office or book online to learn more about the practice.

If you live in Atlanta, eye exams

Why Get a Yearly Vision Exam?

Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center is a family healthcare practice offering exceptional service. Routine and preventative eye exams are essential to maintain perfect eye health. In most cases, eye and vision issues will not show clear signs or symptoms … Read the rest