Protect Your Kid’s Growing Joints and Bones with Top-Notch Podiatric Foot Care in Arizona

Pediatric Foot Care

It is important to look after your kid’s feet as they develop to avoid complications later in life. Nima Sana, DPM, of Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists in Scottsdale, AZ, should help if you have any worries regarding your kid’s feet. Dr. Sana has the expertise to provide your kid with the pediatric foot treatment he/she requires to protect their developing joints and bones. Call or fill out the online scheduling form right now to take advantage of the skills of this Scottsdale pediatric foot care specialist.

What Is the Concept of Pediatric Foot Care?

The health and growth of your child’s feet are the priority of pediatric foot care. If your child’s feet or ankles are unusual, they may need specialist podiatric foot treatment from a young age.

Not all foot issues are apparent. A regular checkup with Dr. Sana is the most effective way to diagnose and treat any problems that could affect your kid’s development.

Children having issues with their feet while young can create problems with walking and running, commonly known as gait disorders. It can also affect the balance of their whole skeleton. In turn, they can develop poor posture, find sports and exercise more difficult, and experience chronic pain.

Dr. Sana focuses on treating sports injuries in children, as well as ensuring the protection of your child’s feet from birth.

What Conditions Would Necessitate Pediatric Foot Care?

The most common foot conditions that your child can develop are:

  •  Ingrown toenails
  • Plantar warts
  •  Athlete’s foot

High arches and flat feet are the most prevalent structural foot issues that your child can have or develop as they age.

Flat Feet develop whenever the arch in the middle of your kid’s foot is too short, causing problems with leg balance and putting additional strain on other areas of the foot. On the other hand, high arches are an issue where the arch is so prominent that it places pressure on your kid’s heel and ball of the foot.

These disorders may not always result in problems, and most feet improve as they grow. Your kid, however, could experience issues such as ankle problems or heel pain due to these imbalances.

What Types of Injuries Can Necessitate Pediatric Foot Care?

Ankle and foot injuries are common among teenagers and children, particularly if they participate in physical activities. Bone fractures necessitate pediatric foot treatment to ascertain that the fractured ends are properly knit back together.

Other injuries that require pediatric foot care include sprained ankle ligaments and Sever’s lesion. The latter impact your kid’s heel tip, inflicting foot pain. Overuse tendinitis and stress fractures grow more gradually and result in chronic discomfort.

What Types of Treatments Are Used In Pediatric Foot Care?

Athlete’s feet and warts may be treated with topical ointments and drugs that destroy the fungus or virus causing the problem. Young children and teens with sports injuries frequently respond well to physical therapy and rest, but surgery is sometimes necessary.

Because children’s joints and bones are still developing, it is essential to address injuries properly. Harm to the growth plates will impede development and result in long-term problems such as different leg lengths.

Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists use cutting-edge technology, including automated ultrasounds and X-rays, to provide the highest level of pediatric podiatric treatment. To ensure your kid enjoys top-level podiatric care, call the office or use the online booking service to schedule an appointment today.

Exceptional Internal Medicine Practice Taking an Integrative Approach to Healthcare

internal medicine

Quality Primary Care in Rockville, MD, is an internal medicine facility that provides care in an integrative manner. The staff, headed by board-certified internal medicine specialist Suresh Malik, MD, offers complete primary care to persons aged 18 years and above. To find out more about the practice and how you can benefit from extensive internal medicine in Rockville MD, call the Quality Primary Care office or use the online booking service to set up a consultation online.

Meet Dr. Malik

Dr. Malik moved to the United States following graduation from Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, India, to finish his residency and internship in internal medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark, New Jersey.

Dr. Malik has spent the better part of his career in internal medicine in Maryland and is concerned about the health and wellness of his community. Patients regard the knowledgeable, well-skilled, expert, and caring physician as a great listener who strives as far and beyond to assist them in attaining the holistic health care they require.

Dr. Malik loves spending quality time with his two lovely children while he is not in the office. In addition, he enjoys hiking and just summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

In case you have any queries or concerns about Dr. Malik, reach out at any time. He is always available to respond.

What Services Are Available at the Internal Medicine Facility in Rockville?

Dr. Malik and his colleagues are experts in the diagnosis and care of a wide range of prevalent chronic health disorders, such as arthritis, diabetes, allergies, as well as high cholesterol.

The clinic also conducts digital electrocardiograms (EKGs) that are instantly related to cardiology experts. Quality Primary Care is committed to safeguarding patients’ health by providing vaccines and confidential sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing.

Furthermore, Dr. Malik and the team at the internal medicine practice offer medically supervised weight loss programs to help patients attain a healthy BMI. Among the preventive measures the facility offers, vaccinations are included.

From the moment you set foot at the practice, all through care and beyond, the practitioners will offer you full support to ensure you achieve optimal health and wellness. Besides accepting most major insurance plans, the practice offers telemedicine. Patients can now access internal medicine from the convenience of their home, office, etc.

Reviews & Testimonials

Dr. Suresh Malik values input from his dedicated patients. So far, he has received 13 reviews with a mean score of 4.85 out of 5 stars. To see what other people are saying about Dr. Malik and the integrative internal medicine practice, in general, visit the facility’s website today.

Internal medicine physicians at Quality Primary Care offer lasting, thorough therapy of a broad range of medical disorders and diseases affecting the body’s internal systems. The clinic is fully equipped with some of the latest technologies and utilizes advanced techniques to guarantee patients excellent outcomes. For expert internal medicine care that meets your unique needs and wants, arrange an appointment through mobile or book online today.

Top 5 Reasons to Seek Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment

Botox is a cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity in recent years, particularly in enhancing one’s appearance. But Botox can do more than that. The process is simple and can have a variety of unique benefits for an individual. That is why you need to identify your special needs and discuss them with medical experts such as Old Bridge Botox specialists at Empire Dental Group of New Jersey. Generally, there are several reasons why you might want to try Botox treatment.

To Treat a Drooping Brow

If your eyebrows make you feel unhappy and tired even when you are awake or cheerful, Botox might help you. Your provider will evaluate your condition to understand if there could be some biological reasons for the drooping. In that case, you can also benefit from an improved diet and facial muscle exercises. But many times, you will require a medical intervention where your provider will recommend Botox injection to relax the brow muscle and keep them aloft.

Manage Excessive Sweating

Sweating is normal and healthy. But, if you sweat excessively and unpredictably, it can be a medical concern requiring intervention. This is where you find yourself sweating even when the temperatures are cool and at rest. Botox can help you stop sweating too much as it prevents some brain signals from reaching particular muscles. Also, it can act as a shield for the sweat glands. This is particularly helpful for your feet, hands, and armpits.

Relieve Migraines

If you are experiencing migraines, Botox may help you get relief. However, please understand that the drug will not stop the migraine itself but will reduce the pain. Also, it will reduce other symptoms such as nausea and light sensitivity making your migraine condition easier to deal with. Therefore, it would be good to have reasonable expectations as you seek treatment for this purpose.

Eliminate Wrinkles and Lines Non-surgically

Wrinkles and fine lines can occur naturally on your forehead, neck, and around the mouth. Although it is ordinary, you might feel older than you are. Botox injection treatment offers you a non-surgical way to eliminate the lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate your appearance. This can improve how you feel about yourself, boosting your confidence. Additionally, Botox can be used alongside other cosmetic procedures to enhance other unattractive facial features.

Manage Social Anxiety and Depression

Botox has been found to relieve tension and can alleviate musculoskeletal and psychological stress in some areas. If your anxiety is due to aging, pressure buildup in the jawline and face, or grinding teeth, Botox can effectively treat your condition. Although Botox can manage stress-related conditions, please understand that it may not be recommended to treat stress. But it might also help with social anxiety as facial expressions are directly related to your mood.

Botox can calm down your nervous system by inhibiting muscle contraction. This is because your body sends signals all over your body when you have emotions resulting in muscle tensions that often leave fine lines.

At Empire Dental Group of New Jersey, your provider will evaluate your unique needs and help you understand how you can benefit from Botox. But there are many ways to benefit from the treatment procedure. Therefore, do not hesitate to book an appointment for more information.

Realize Your Body Goals with Revolutionary Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Gaining muscle definition for specific body areas can prove troublesome despite consistent workouts. Do not let problem areas affect your confidence while treatment is available. If you seek professional body contouring in Sebring, Florida Lakes Spa offers revolutionary body contouring procedures to deliver striking results for a pretty, new physique. For more information regarding body contouring, call the office or book your appointment online today.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring and sculpting procedures aim to tighten your skin, help build muscle, or decrease stubborn unwanted body fats that are unresponsive to exercise and diet. Florida Lakes Spa delivers Physiq by Cartessa™, an innovative procedure that uses sequential thermal and electric pulse (STEP) technology for body contouring.

Physiq is unique since it uses two different technologies to accomplish two goals simultaneously. This device stimulates your muscles with electric impulses, helping build more muscle mass. Consequently, these impulses trigger a workout for your muscles, causing them to exert energy without you consciously moving them.

Physiq also applies sequential thermal energy to heat targeted fat, causing deposits to shrink with time as your body flushes out dead cells. As an alternative or additional treatment option, Florida Lakes Spa offers the Subnovii plasma pen by Cartessa™. With low-frequency energy, the plasma pen targets fibroblasts in your skin to stimulate elastin and collagen production. As a result, your skin appears firmer and tighter, and your body receives a more contoured appearance.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Body Contouring?

Your specialist at Florida Lakes Spa may use Physiq to treat your:

  •       Flanks
  •       Legs
  •       Buttocks
  •       Arms
  •       Stomach

Subnovii can target wrinkles and loose skin around your neck, chin, face, and décolletage. It further improves your skin texture in those areas. Subnovii and Physiq are both safe and FDA-approved, noninvasive procedures.

How Many Body Contouring Treatments Do I Need?

The number of sessions you need varies depending on the area of treatment, amount of loose skin or fat, and other considerations. Upon consultation, your compassionate provider discusses your body contouring goals in detail before designing a treatment plan capable of achieving optimal results.

When Will I Be Able to Witness My Body Contouring Results?

You can begin to witness more definition and contour in the treated area after your initial treatment with Physiq. These results become more evident with each of your five sessions. The fat fades a bit more slowly since your lymphatic system must flush it out. Thus, you can witness the full results within weeks of your final session. After Subnovii treatment, your skin’s elasticity progressively improves for 6-8 weeks, at which point you will see final results.

Other Available Treatments

In addition to body contouring, the capable providers at Florida Lakes Spa also offer various other high-quality treatments, including:

  •       Varicose vein treatment
  •       Microblading
  •       Laser hair removal
  •       Facials
  •       Skin rejuvenation
  •       Botox and fillers
  •       Health management

Bottom Line

Have you attempted exercise and diet to eliminate stubborn fats with no visible results? You can get rid of unwanted body fats for good with effective treatments. Contact Florida Lakes Spa to find out how. Call their offices or book online today.

Urolift Treatment for Benign Prostate Enlargement in Kingston, NY

Urolift Treatment

As you age, you might experience the need to make more frequent visits to the washroom. The enlargement of the prostate is the main cause of this symptom. Fortunately, with innovative medicine advancements, minimally invasive treatments for benign prostate enlargement such as the Urolift System relieve these symptoms. At Premier Medical Group, a board-certified urologist and men’s health specialist Jaspreet Singh, DO, provides exceptional Urolift® in Kingston to treat benign prostate enlargement. For more information about how the minimally invasive treatment can help you, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Exactly Is Urolift?

Urolift is a minimally invasive technique for treating benign prostate enlargement, also referred to as BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). The prostate is a small gland located under your bladder and has the function of producing semen. The urethra, which transports urine from your bladder to your penis, passes through your prostate gland. The prostate gland goes through two growth phases. The first phase happens during puberty when your prostate grows up to double its size. The second growth phase occurs at the age of 25 years, which continues growing throughout your life. As you age, the prostate might grow so big, blocking your urethra and urine flow, causing several urinary symptoms. Urolift aims at treating this condition to relieve your symptoms.

Are You the Right Candidate For Urolift?

When you visit a urologist with urinary symptoms, the doctor does a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for UroLift treatment. Dr. Singh is experienced in the diagnosis and management of benign prostate enlargement, and he will recommend the treatment depending on your symptom severity. The doctor might recommend medical management, including prescription medication, to relieve your symptoms. However, if the medical management fails to relieve your symptoms or you suffer adverse side effects from the medication, he might suggest you undertake the UroLift procedure. Dr. Singh has years of experience in performing UroLift System treatment for successful results.

What Should You Expect During the Urolift Procedure?

The UroLift procedure is carried out at an in-office appointment that takes about one hour. The treatment technique is done without heating, cutting, or removal of prostate tissue. The doctor will start by administering anesthesia before the UroLift procedure to prevent any discomfort. During the procedure, the doctor puts the UroLift Delivery Device into your urethra via the tip of your penis and threads it up to the blockage. The UroLift implant is then placed around your enlarged prostate to lift the tissue and open up the urethra to restore your urine flow and relieve your symptoms. After the treatment, the doctor gives you instructions on several activity modifications and expected downtime for recovery. Although the results might vary, most of the patients will see symptom improvements in about two weeks.

To sum up, you should not suffer any longer with urinary symptoms due to an enlarged benign prostate. At Premier Medical Group, Dr. Singh provides effective UroLift system treatment to treat your condition and relieve your symptoms. To get started with your UroLift procedure, call or schedule an appointment online today.

How Porcelain Crowns Can Improve Your Teeth’s Function

Porcelain Crowns

Teeth are essential to you not just for eating but also for making an impression through smiling. However, they can become weak, decayed, or damaged, despite them being designed to last a lifetime. If this is your case, you don’t have to endure decreased self-confidence and self-esteem. Novi porcelain crowns specialists at Novi Family Dentistry can help you improve the function and appearance of your teeth. Dental crowns are small caps installed over your natural teeth or dental implants to correct your dental woes. Here are several ways you can benefit from using porcelain crowns.

Enhanced Smile

One of the significant benefits of using porcelain crowns is the improved appearance of your teeth, which enhances your smile. The crowns are designed to match the color and texture of your natural teeth such that no one will even notice you have them. Discolored, decayed, or destroyed teeth can alter the look of your smile. But, porcelain provides an excellent solution for upgrading your grin in such a way that you can be happy and unafraid to smile while around your friends.

Broken Teeth are Fixed

If you incur an oral injury that ends up damaging, cracking, or breaking your teeth, crowns are your solution. They restore the structure of your teeth, eliminating any complications such as physical pain and discomfort and chewing issues you might be experiencing. Besides, you can also be experiencing negative feelings about yourself due to the teeth issues fixed by porcelain crowns. In the end, your teeth are restored to their original size and shape, and you become free from any physical or psychological distress.

It Offers Extra Protection

If you have a lot of decay leading to a significant filling, a crown can offer more support to your teeth. Besides, substantial fillings can feel awkward in the mouth, but a crown can top up the treatment by making you feel comfortable and providing strength to the teeth. It can also minimize the risks for future breakage.

After a root canal, a crown can also be used as a reinforcement to provide more strength to your teeth. This is because the root canal is a major procedure and may leave your teeth prone to breakage or splitting if not capped with a crown.

Looks and Feels Good

A crown will not only improve your appearance but also perform as well as it looks. It is a fact that broken or decayed teeth do not look and feel good and can take away your confidence and lower your self-esteem while smiling. Fortunately, a crown will not only meet your cosmetic needs but also make you feel better about yourself. Ultimately, you get to save your natural teeth, and your mouth is left in good working order.

Offers Long-Lasting Support

Crowns can offer you years of ongoing dental support with proper care. Although they may not last forever, you can expect the porcelain crowns to last at least five years and up to fifteen or more years. Your provider will offer better care instructions to ensure that your new crowns serve you for nearly a lifetime.

You do not have to wait longer for crowns to improve your teeth’ function and appearance. Reach out to Novi Family Dentistry to learn more about porcelain crowns and how they will benefit you. Remember that your teeth are critical to your overall well-being, including physical and emotional aspects.

How VenaSeal Can Help You Manage Varicose Veins


Varicose veins are not uncommon, and although they might not be painful to some people, the unsightly veins are unpleasant. That is why you ought to do all you can to eliminate the condition, including seeking expert care. The expert team at Florida Lakes Vein Centre offers VenaSeal treatment, which is a smart option for your condition. With the understanding that you need a solution with minimal pain, and less or no downtime, your provider at the Venice vein center customizes the treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Here is more information about the VenaSeal treatment option.

What Is It?

VenaSeal is one of the latest innovations in the treatment of varicose veins. It involves using a patient-friendly and safe-for-the-body medical glue to close the varicose veins in the legs effectively. The vein will undergo sclerosis (hardening process) after closing and gradually be absorbed by the body. The procedure requires outstanding expertise to achieve the desired results. There is no downtime, and you can expect rapid relief from your symptoms.

How it Works

VenaSeal is a minimally invasive procedure that will involve the placement of a tiny amount of a special vein glue to the affected veins through a catheter. The vein is closed immediately, re-routing the blood to other healthy veins in the affected area. Unlike most treatments, a regional nerve block will not be necessary. Besides, the procedure does not require large volumes of anesthesia. You can also return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure as there are no pre-treatment drugs involved. Also, you will not require post-treatment medications as the risks of nerve damage or skin burns are minimized, unlike with other treatment options such as radiofrequency ablation or endovenous laser options.

The Effectiveness of the Treatment Procedure

Studies have found VenaSeal to have a success rate of about 98.9% and an added advantage of fewer complications. It is considered to be as effective as endovenous laser ablation but even better as it does not involve heat, therefore minimizing the risks of complications. Also, it can be performed using a small amount of local anesthetic, unlike other treatment options. VenaSeal also makes it possible to treat several veins in one session, and you might not need stockings after treatment, and you do not have to take some time off to recover.

What You Can Expect

There is not much to expect before your procedure as there will be no topical numbing cream, no pre-procedure wrapping, and no pre-procedure drugs. Your provider will insert a catheter in the treatment vein through limited access in the treatment area. During the treatment, you can experience mild compressions on the exterior of the leg. An ultrasound with gel will be used the whole time. You can expect the entire process to last approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

After the procedure, your provider will place a Band-Aid on the access area. You will not require any post-procedure pain medications or compression stocking, and you will be free to leave the practice and get back to your usual activities.

Get Help

If you are tired of seeing the unpleasant bulging veins in your legs, contact the Florida Lakes Vein Centers expert team for help managing the condition. Your providers will help you understand how you can benefit from the VenaSeal treatment procedure and help you understand if it is right for you.

Understanding Varicose Vein

Varicose Vein

A varicose vein is a common health complication affecting a large population globally. There are several misconceptions surrounding the condition, its causes, symptoms, and treatment, and many people may not understand the complications. But, medical experts such as Gregg Shore, MD, a Sebring varicose veins specialist at Florida Lakes Surgical, can help you understand the condition better and help you through the diagnosis and treatment process. Here is more information about the complication to help you get a glimpse of what varicose veins entail.

What It Is

Your veins carry blood from the body to the lungs and the heart. You are said to have a varicose vein when the veins abnormally bulge through your skin or become dilated. This occurs when blood pools in the veins and fails to circulate properly. Although the visible veins, mainly purple or blue, can develop anywhere in your body, they are more common in the thighs and legs. When the veins are too small, they are referred to as spider veins, and they appear on your skin as spider webs hence the name.

Who Can Get Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins can affect both men and women at any age. However, they frequently affect older people and women, particularly those in their childbearing years. However, some people are also at a higher risk of developing the condition than others. For Example, old age increases the tendency to develop varicose veins. Also, a family history of the disease may increase your chances of developing the condition.

Obesity, pregnancy, prolonged sitting or standing, and a sedentary, inactive lifestyle are other risk factors that increase your tendency to develop the condition.

Varicose Veins Causes

The exact causes of varicose veins are not entirely understood. However, the absence or malfunction of some valves in the veins has been found to cause poor venous circulation contributing to the development of varicose veins. Vein wall weakness has also been found to contribute to varicose vein formation as it causes the pooling of blood in the veins.

Other less commonly known causes of varicose veins include congenital abnormalities in the veins, blood clots, and phlebitis.

Signs and Symptoms

It is not everyone with a varicose vein that experiences physical symptoms. The only common problem is a cosmetic issue everyone gets and is the appearance of the veins on the skin. However, some people may experience the following symptoms as well:

  •       Fatigue
  •       Cramping
  •       Aching
  •       Itching, oozing, redness, and swelling

You can also experience pressure sensations and dull aches around the affected area.

You can experience bleeding, blood clot, stasis dermatitis or weeping oozing dermatitis, and skin ulceration in severe cases. Although these symptoms are less common, they should be addressed immediately when they occur.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you show varicose vein symptoms, your provider will perform a general physical examination. This includes looking into your family history, evaluating any expansion of the varicose vein, and asking you about the duration and presence of any other symptoms. They will also perform a general inspection and palpation and evaluate any bleeding or ulceration.

When the diagnosis is confirmed and the cause of your condition understood, your provider will recommend treatment options suitable for your individual needs. These may include:

  •       Leg elevation
  •       Compression stocking
  •       Sclerotherapy
  •       Ablation of abnormal veins
  •       Surgery

The providers at Florida Lakes Surgical can help you understand more about varicose veins. Do not hesitate to book an appointment and make your inquiries from the experts with all the information you might require.