2nd Chance Treatment Centre: Bouncing Back To Clean Life

The realization of wanting to get better and learning that there is life beyond alcoholism and opioid abuse is desirable. It could be time for you to get professional and convenient help. 2nd Chance Treatment Center will be a perfect place for you to start a new life. With professional help from the team lead by Dr. Ashwin Reddy, will you get help on comprehensive outpatient treatment to overcome alcohol and opioid addictions. The team is dedicated to transfer the clinical experience in psychology, psychiatry, and behavioral therapy to help people overcome alcohol and opioid use disorders.

Why 2nd Chance Treatment Center?

The ability to provide the first full-service outpatient service makes 2nd Chance Treatment Center one of a kind in Arizona. Their treatment model’s uniqueness, based on the current medical and psychiatric research, is designed to increase retention rates and improve treatment results with the lowest chances of relapse.  Their integrated treatment system will help you bounce back to life and lead a clean life. With the exceptionally well-organized system, the staff that genuinely cares, and the easy way to sign up, 2nd Chance Treatment Center is the place to save your life.

The medical cost has become a financial barrier to most people to access professional help from addictions. The center accepts most major insurance plans and Medicare, thus enabling addicts to focus more on the recovery process.

Dr. Ashwin Reddy

Process of Treatment

Using medication and therapy, the symptoms of addictions can be mitigated. The center provides a process that employs a multi-layered approach to science and psychology. The patient is taken first through a behavioral therapy session that helps mental calmness of the patient. Next, maintenance medication strategies, using the best suboxone treatment method, helps the patient withdraw from drug addiction. This is followed by robust support in counseling and referrals to additional programs in our trusted step groups and churches. This is to help those who are addicted have a positive and supportive group of people to rely upon for support. Support groups form one of the most significant systems to aid in recovery. It forms bonds and helps share stories that would be difficult to share with those outside the addiction recovery process.

The Road To Recovery

Recovering from addictions has its share of pain that comes with it. The body goes through withdrawal symptoms as a result of stopping the addicted behavior. The body, especially the brain, takes time to adjust to the new developments. The withdrawal includes psychological symptoms and physical symptoms. Some of these symptoms may include:

  • Emotional volatility or sudden emotion changes
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling excited or less excited
  • Easily irritable
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting

With the right medical care, these symptoms can be significantly reduced or eliminated thus making a huge difference in your recovery.

At the center, you will find perfect help from their health specialist that you can trust.

Testimonials & Reviews

2nd Chance Treatment Center has provided a second chance to many people who probably had given up in life, and the center is ecstatic about the positive turn-around of people’s lives, as is described in some of the reviews. To read what other people are saying about the experience, visit them today.

In conclusion, everybody needs a second chance and one which is convenient. 2ND Chance Treatment Center offers the chance of reforming and becoming clean again through their outpatient services. The center is located in Arizona, and booking an appointment has been made easier from their website or by calling the office for an appointment.