5 Golden Tips That Will Help You Prepare for the Mommy Makeover Procedures

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is usually an exciting experience, especially for new moms. During this phase, women are positive about the results of their pregnancy. In addition, they usher in some responsibility strategies to help the newborn grow healthy. Unfortunately, women experience many physical changes that impair their confidence after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Overstretched skin along the lower abdomen and droopy skin are some of the physique concerns they encounter. Thanks to the Nashville mommy makeover, women can restore their body shape through customized surgical operations with less downtime. Here are the golden tips to help you prepare for the mommy makeover surgeries.

Achieve Sustainable Weight Targets

Although the mommy makeover can help you get a desirable body shape, it is worth noting that it is not a weight loss procedure. Notably, after undergoing the mommy makeover procedures, you will only lose two to five pounds of your body tissues. Additionally, a significant drop in your body weight after these multiple surgeries can interfere with the results. Therefore, it is recommended to be near or within your healthy weight range before these cosmetic procedures. Engaging in regular physical activities and eating a healthy diet before a mommy makeover can help you.

Arrange the Recovery Area

You do not want hassles after breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgeries. Therefore, it is good to establish a conducive environment for your recovery before your appointment. Set up the recliner chair and comfortable pillows in your room for comfort while sitting or sleeping. Besides, it is good to put your daily accessories, such as novels, on the lower shelves to avoid struggles during recovery.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has many adverse effects on your health, especially when you anticipate a mommy makeover appointment. Notably, cigarette compounds narrow the blood vessels increasing blood pressure, which can trigger complications during cosmetic surgeries. Further, smoking can inhibit the immune system, thus interfering with the smooth recovery after the mommy makeover surgeries. Therefore, you should stop smoking for at least one month before these cosmetic procedures for the best experience.

Organize Your Drive

During the mommy makeover surgeries, the specialist will apply numbing agents to alleviate discomfort. Nonetheless, the anesthetic effects do not disappear immediately and may cause fatigue, making it difficult for you to drive back home. Therefore, you should have someone to drive you safely to and from the clinic. Look for someone you know well who understands your plans ahead.

Avoid Some Medications

Certain medications have blood thinning effects which usually increase the chances of excessive bleeding during surgical operations. Therefore, you should discuss with your specialists the medications that you take. They will recommend you stop taking some medicines, such as ibuprofen, before your mommy makeover since they can cause complications during the procedure.

Many women experience body changes after their pregnancy and breastfeeding phases. For example, their breast will start sagging due to volume loss as they breastfeed the newborns. Fortunately, through mommy makeover procedures, women can restore their pre-pregnancy physique, thus boosting their confidence. Using the above tips to prepare for these cosmetic surgeries is essential for an excellent experience during and after the appointment.