Achieve Natural-Looking Results through Conservative Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures

Skin cancer removal or other cosmetic procedures on your eyelids, midface, and forehead can have lasting scarring, which affects your natural beauty, and in turn, lower your self-esteem. Dr. Dustin Heringer, MD, is undoubtedly the best Peoria oculofacial plastic surgeon. At Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Heringer performs safe and effective plastic surgeries to minimize the scars, thus restoring your natural beauty and attractiveness. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Heringer, visit the website or call Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery today.

best Peoria oculofacial plastic surgeon

Meet Dr. Heringer

Growing up in Bismarck, North Dakota, Dr. Heringer graduated from Concordia College in Minnesota. He attained his undergraduate degree in medicine from the University of North Dakota. Over the years, Dr. Heringer has received numerous prestigious awards for his dedication to practice. After completing medical school, he went on to complete a residency at Oregon Health Sciences University. During this time, he studied general surgery and ophthalmology.

Furthermore, Dr. Heringer is a fellowship-trained expert in cosmetic and plastic surgery. So far, he has performed over 1,300 successful cosmetic surgeries. Upon completing the fellowship training, Dr. Heringer served war veterans at Southern Arizona, where he perfected his reconstructive and oculofacial plastic surgery skills. Dr. Heringer is also an active board member with various surgical organizations across the US.

Currently, Dr. Heringer works as a clinical assistant educator at the University of Arizona and is a well-known researcher, publishing medical book chapters and numerous scientific papers. While not serving patients at the Scottsdale or Phoenix office, he spends quality time with his family.


Dr. Heringer’s accolades precede him. As a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, he seeks to achieve the best, natural-looking results using conservative treatments. All procedures are carefully customized to meet and exceed the unique needs and wants of individual patients, thus boosting their self-confidence. He welcomes men and women from all walks of life and ages to Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Heringer and his team at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery integrate the latest techniques and medical technology to enhance their services’ effectiveness. Patients with the facility can benefit from a wide range of cutting-edge services, including injectable fillers, skin rejuvenation, cosmetic facial surgeries, laser treatments, and more. Visit the facility’s website to check out some successful procedures from the ‘Before & After’ section or schedule a consultation to learn more.

Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. Heringer appreciates reviews from his valued patients. To date, the practice boasts a 4.96 out of 5-star rating based on 24 collected reviews. To see what other people are saying about the center, visit their website.

To sum up, Dr. Heringer is reliable to offer the safest and most comfortable procedures that yield natural-looking results. He welcomes all patients across Arizona and Phoenix to the two convenient Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery office locations. To find out more about facial reconstruction for a loved one or yourself, visit their website or call either of the offices today to request an appointment.