Achieve Your Wellness at the Leading Sports Medicine Practice in New Jersey

Kai Sports Medicine

It is normal to experience injuries and pain when playing or enjoying your favorite sports or physical activity. It is essential to seek immediate medical attention for a quick recovery to resume your workout when it happens. Kai Sports Medicine LLC specializes in providing effective sports medicine and internal medicine treatments. Sports medicine involves the health and remedies of musculoskeletal issues.  Sports medicine may also affect physical therapies and nutritional diets that help improve overall body wellness and prevent infections. Call or book online to learn more about their services.

About the Practice

When the body is put under a lot of pressure, it is possible for the musculoskeletal system to feel pain and even experience injuries. The Oakhurst sports medicine and internal medicine practice provide comprehensive care to help people live quality lives.

Led by Zachary Perlman, DO, the practice focuses on relieving your symptoms and promoting your health. The highly skilled and experienced sports medicine specialists lead the clinic’s team in serving the New Jersey communities with excellent and compassionate care.

Dr. Perlman believes that patient education and empowerment and the patient-doctor relationship help maintain good health and improves your quality of life. The sports medicine facility aims at providing preventative care rather than treatments only. Dr. Perlman is highly trained in both internal medicine and sports medicine and values his patients’ needs. He combines his knowledge with orthopedic care, pain management, and non-surgical techniques to offer effective treatments.

The highly knowledgeable doctor provides extensive care for amateur and professional athletes of all ages. He is a reputable sports medicine expert in the region and treats all types of sports injuries. Dr. Perlman uses the latest and advanced techniques to relieve pain and restore your health. He offers patient-centered services to benefit the patient’s well-being.

What Conditions or Injuries Require Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine?

The sports medicine expert, Dr. Perlman, offers comprehensive care for:

  •       Knee injury
  •       Shoulder injury
  •       Sports-related concussions
  •       Back pain
  •       Nerve pain
  •       Neck pain
  •       Hip pain

When Should You Consider Visiting a Sports Medicine Practice?

If your injury is moderate, you can address the situation with home treatments. However, if you have consistent pain, complex moving, and deep wounds, it is essential to seek quality medical care.

What Are the Treatments Available at the  Kai Sports Medicine?

Dr. Perlman provides treatments that address your whole wellbeing rather than the cause. He develops customized treatment plans to address the different health concerns of patients. The highly qualified specialist uses the latest non-invasive techniques to enhance health. Depending on your condition, Dr. Perlman offers the following treatments:

  •       Joint injections such as cortisone and prolotherapy
  •       Regenerative medicine therapies
  •       Medications
  •       Physical therapies
  •       Mind-body techniques

In conclusion, Kai Sports medicine specializes in providing quality and effective care to relieve symptoms and promote health. The premier practice focuses more on preventative medicine to improve life quality and increase your days. Located in Oakhurst, New Jersey, the facility is committed to providing the surrounding communities with exceptional care. The highly skilled medical team combines both conservative and innovative treatments to offer effective treatments. Visit them today for quality sport medicine techniques and resume your daily activities.