Check-In on Your Health with an Annual Exam in Phoenix, AZ

Annual Exam

Good health is what every woman desire and wishes. You play the greatest role in ensuring you keep in good shape and perfect health, and one way of doing this is having an annual exam. Checking in on your health once a year with an annual exam is an essential part of preventative health care. At Desert Star Family Planning, DeShawn Taylor, MD, MSc, FACOG, provides a Phoenix annual exam to women of all ages. If you are considering getting an annual exam, call or schedule an appointment online at Desert Star Family Planning for patient-focused, integrative women’s health care.

Why do you require an annual exam?

You may think you can miss your exam if you are feeling healthy. However, most diseases such as human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer do not cause symptoms in their early stages. More so, most health changes are very elusive, so that you may not notice them. Dr. Taylor compares your current state of health and screening results with your medical records at your annual checkup and can identify any changes rapidly. If you have any potential health issues, Dr. Taylor provides customized, expert treatments to restore your good health. In most cases, she will offer treatments and recommend lifestyle changes to enhance your health before you even experience any symptoms.

What should you expect during an annual exam?

When you go for an annual exam, the health provider will examine your weight, height, and blood pressure. Then you meet with Dr. Taylor, who will talk to you about your health and review your individual and family medical history. She questions if you have detected any changes or have any health concerns.

The doctor carries out your physical exam, listening to your lungs and heart, and feeling your abdomen.  She will then perform your pelvic and breast exams, and Pap smear when required. If you have a low risk of cervical cancer, you only require getting a Pap smear after every three to five years, depending on your age. Ask the doctor if you require a Pap smear or not.

For women forty years or older, Dr. Taylor offers a mammogram referral. For women under the age of 25, she also provides HPV vaccinations.

Dr. Taylor is a dedicated advocate for women’s health care, working to ensure you have the information you require to make informed choices about your well-being. You can ask her any question concerning your health, such as birth control, abnormal periods, or STDs during your annual exam. She will provide individualized, expert advice and information.

What are the benefits of an annual exam?

Having an annual exam comes with lots of benefits. Your annual exam offers peace of mind in knowing that you are healthy. On the other hand, if you have signs of a health problem, you will get the diagnosis and treatment you require during the annual exam. Most of the health conditions are more easily treated when diagnosed in their early stages.

To sum up, an annual exam will ensure you maintain good health. If you are considering getting an annual exam in and around Phoenix, call or schedule an appointment online today.