Expertise with a Touch of Care

Personalized and comforting care in any medical facility always improves your moods, attitude towards treatment and even helps you relax regardless of the illness. Combining this type of care with high expertise and years of experience gives you a top-notch physician who guarantees you nothing but the best experience while in their care. This is the kind of care specialists at StatMD Urgent Care Inc offer you. They provide people from Bakersfield urgent care medical services, general physical diagnosis, sports injury treatments, vaccinations, women health specialists, and many other primary care services. There is no option for one-size-fits-all treatment in their facility regardless of the service you require. Below is a broader view of some of these institutions’ services and how they are handled.

· Sports Injuries

Sports injuries arise when a person engages in physical exercise and gets hurt. Normally, sports injuries are treated with home remedies, but it is advisable to seek professional medical attention when the pain persists.  To diagnose your sports injury, the doctor will ask you a series of questions as the first step to diagnosing your injury. To determine the intensity of your injury, you will undergo a comprehensive physical examination starting with the affected area. The doctor may also require you to get a scan so that he can be able to rule out significant disorders such as fractures or internal bleeding.  Sports injuries are treated differently depending on how severe the injury is and the body part that the injury has impacted. Some of the treatments offered are physical therapies and, in extreme cases, surgery. Treatment aims to alleviate discomfort, enhance movements, and avoid additional problems.

· Physical Exam

A physical exam is an excellent way to protect your wellbeing in the long run and has no recovery time. The physical exam involves asking a series of questions and conducting a diagnosis to identify whether you have any allergies or any underlying conditions. The specialist asks questions about your lifestyle like eating habits, fitness plans, and whether you consume alcohol or other harmful substances like tobacco. The doctor will then examine your breathing patterns, skin, and sensitive body parts like your ears, eyes, and heart rate. Lastly, your joints and muscle reflexes are analyzed. If the examinations reveal something unusual that is not clear, they will perform a deeper scan like an x-ray to better grasp your condition and accord the best treatment plan. The doctor may also prescribe laboratory tests as a part of the diagnosis. You will then receive personalized treatment concerning the condition that they identify. They may also recommend that you have your immunizations updated. It is important to express your concerns, especially if you have distinctive signs and symptoms that are not responding to home therapies.

Whether you are undergoing a general check-up like a physical or have an illness that demands urgent treatment, expertise with a touch of care always improves your experience at a medical facility. If you are looking for a facility that guarantees you nothing but the best care, look no further. Call or visit StatMD Urgent Care Inc today.