Eye Care Services You Can Trust

Eyes are delicate organs. That said, you should remember to give your eyes the care they deserve to maintain a clear vision and prevent other severe conditions, including blindness. Regarding eye care, you must place your fate in a trusted professional’s hands for the best outcomes. Suppose you need cataract surgery in Jacksonville, Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, is the leading practice for effective eye care. If you encounter eye problems, promptly turn to professionals for a customized treatment alternative from an industry leader.

About the practice

Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, is a premier ophthalmology practice serving within Florida. Eugene Wolchok established the practice five decades ago after retiring. Afterward, his son Stephen Wolchok, MD, took over from him as the practicing physician.

With age, your eyes undergo dramatic changes. Luckily, Wolchok Eye Associates helps you navigate these changes while maintaining excellent eye health and clear vision.

Patients depend on Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, for wholesome eye care, including glasses and eye exams, alongside diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions and diseases including diabetic eye disease, dry eyes, macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, is an outstanding leader in cataract surgery using modern technology – the femtosecond laser.

Available Services

At Wolchok Eye Associates, expert providers offer various top-class services to attend to all your eye concerns. Contact them to receive services such as:

  • Glaucoma Specialist- Glaucoma is among the common causes of blindness. It is important to have regular eye exams and preventive care from a dedicated expert. Contact your compassionate provider at Wolchok Eye Associates for precise diagnosis and treatment for glaucoma.
  • Macular Degeneration Specialist- A wide percentage of the populace faces macular degeneration. This condition is on the rise lately. Compassionate ophthalmologist Stephen Wolchok, MD, is your expert for early diagnosis, maintenance, and treatment of macular degeneration to maintain your eyesight.
  • Cataract Surgery Specialist- When it comes to cataract removal and lens replacement, you should put your destiny in the hands of proficient ophthalmology. Cataract surgeon Stephen Wolchok is an expert in using the latest technology to give you outstanding cataract surgery results.
  • Eye Exam Specialist- During your eye exam appointment, Dr. Stephen evaluates every aspect of your eyesight and eye health using the most advanced technology. Contact Wolchok Eye Associates for a customized eye exam.
  • Floaters Specialist- Floaters refer to shadows and spots drifting around your visual field. Although common for most adults, floaters can be detrimental if left untreated. If you notice a dramatic rise in floaters, seek an ophthalmologist promptly. Stephen Wolchok offers accurate diagnosis and treatment for floaters to improve their eye health.
  • Dry Eyes Specialist- Extremely widespread today, dry eyes are the common cause for contact lens wearers switching to glasses. If you experience dry, hot, or scratchy eyes, turn to Wolchok Eye Associates to professionally end your symptoms.

Bottom Line

If you seek gentle and empathetic care from skillful providers who employ the latest technologies in practice, you are in the right place at Wolchok Eye Associates. Contact specialist Stephen Wolchok for a comprehensive treatment solution. Call immediately or schedule an appointment online to enjoy quality services.