Family Dentistry Services: What to Expect from Family Dentists

Finding the right family dentist can be a daunting experience, especially if you do not know where to look. You benefit from using the internet or getting referrals from a friend, but that does not guarantee that you will get the right one. As family dentistry keeps getting popular, it is essential to know the traits and qualities of a good professional for the sake of your family’s dental health. Luckily, Dr. Foroud Hakim and his team at San Ramon Dental Excellence are ready to give you an insight into what a family dentistry practice looks like.

Dr. Foroud Hakim

What to expect from family dentistry services

Family dentistry is all about providing dental care for all age groups. You can go with your child and spouse to see one dentist in a single sitting. The services you can expect to get include:

Routine dental cleaning and exams

The ideal time frame for a regular dental checkup is six months. When you visit the clinic as a family, you can expect your dentist to track your oral health. During the sessions, your dentist performs regular exams such as checking your teeth for decay or damages to give you a clean bill of health. They can also teach you the health practices you need to adopt to ensure your mouth stays healthy.

Wellness dental care

Dental care is not just about identifying potential health risks and devising treatment plans to resolve your problems. It is a wellness program designed to maintain your mouth’s wellbeing, and this applies to the whole family. So when you see a family dentist, you will not have to worry about booking a separate appointment with another practice to receive advanced care such as teeth straightening or whitening.

Preventive care

The primary goal of preventing a dental problem before it arises is to save on money and other potential problems. The peace of mind knowing your mouth is healthy through proactive preventive care is better than waiting until a problem develops. A family dentist is trained to detect problems before they become severe. They can examine your family’s dental history to determine whether any disease will be passed to your oncoming generation.

Monitoring the family’s health

Scheduling appointments with a different dentist is not only time consuming, but it also prevents you from knowing your family’s health in detail. Even if you have the time and money to do so, the chances of understanding special concepts such as how children’s teeth change with age can be daunting. A family dentist ensures that your child gets all the dental care they need, thus eliminating any dental anxieties.

A family dentist could be the only person that can save your family’s oral health

Dr. Foroud and his team can vouch that being in the company of a family dentist can save your family from dental anxieties. You want to be there when your child or partner is getting examined or receiving treatment. Always make a point of having one family dentist who understands your family’s medical history in detail. To find out how a family dentist can assist you, schedule a consultation today.