How does the mind affect our health

Our body and mind are strongly connected, they are powerful allies. One can affect the other directly. Therefore, in order to be healthy, it is important to take care of both body and mind wellbeing. To understand this connection, you just have to observe how our body responds to stress, as an example. Constant worry and stress can be devastating to our body; it can cause pain, tense muscles, headaches, digestive problems, it can lead to blood pressure or other serious health problems. Our way of living tends to be really stressful, making us prone to contracting these ailments or diseases, pointing us to a life of illness and discomfort.

And it works the other way around too. Having constant pain or a chronic or serious health problem will probably affect your emotions, making you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed. And those feelings impact straight to how well you can heal, treat, or cope with your illness. Quite similar to a vicious circle. However, your mind can have a positive effect on your health, if you have a positive outlook or attitude on life. A positive mind keeps you healthier than a negative one.

Habits for a healthy life

Mind and body wellness

There are plenty of things we can do to take charge and lead a healthy life. In this article we will mention some of the main habits that will make your body and mind healthier, allowing you to live to the fullest.

If you want to enjoy good health and have a strong mind you must develop a healthy lifestyle, and do that you must acquire a lot of good habits. Here are some of those habits that will help you change your way of living.

Exercise several days a week

It is a known fact that exercise increases our energy and makes our body release endorphins, which help relieve stress and pain, reduce anxiety, and alleviates depression. Exercise can help to improve our mood and even make us more creative.
We recommend exercising doing something you really enjoy or love, that will motivate you even more. If you choose an activity you truly like, you will be looking forward to engaging it and laziness won’t win you over; moreover, it will make you happy, and that is always good for your health. There are tons of activities for you to choose from martial arts or swimming to yoga, just pick the one that compliments you. An important thing to keep in mind is to wear the right clothing for each sport or activity. The right clothing can keep your body safe from harm; for example, women who choose heavy impact training need to consider the adequate support for their breasts, wearing a good sports bra (you can find the best ones during the shapermint bra christmas sale ), or people who like to run, need to wear the correct pair of leggings to avoid hurting or straining their muscles.

Incorporate meditation

Most people find it extremely difficult to meditate, but that is because they haven’t tried the right method. There isn’t just one way to meditate, there are all kinds of different types of meditations, therefore, you just need to find the one that suits you better. Another myth everyone believes is that you need to meditate for hours. That is not true, if you meditate daily, 10 minutes a day could be enough. Therefore, do some research on this matter, experiment, and find a type of meditation you can feel comfortable doing.

Give your body the right nutrients

Good nutrition is extremely relevant. If you don’t have a balanced diet you should start right the way. We are not saying you should quit eating everything you are used to at once. You can take it to step by step. You don’t have to stop eating sugar or processed food from one day to the next, but you do need to start changing your eating habits.
You can follow the next advice:

*Remove sugar: Sugar is extremely bad for your organism. If you find it impossible to remove it completely, keep your consumption under 50g a day.

*Eat natural food: Avoid processed food and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. If you can eat organic food, it is even better.

*Drink enough water: You need to make sure you are drinking the amount of water your body needs. A good way of doing this is keeping your own bottle of water with you at all times, keeping count of how many you need to drink to reach the right amount for your body. Our body needs 2 liters of water a day (average), but you should check the exact amount according to your weight.