How to Have Optimal Joint and Immune Health without Surgery

Living an active life may not always be smooth. Joints and tendons can be irritated and inflamed due to continuous use through your daily activities. This may result in chronic pain that should be managed for you to remain active and mobile. Warren Bleiweiss practices pain medicine in Caldwell, NJ at Alternative Disc Therapy, and welcomes patients who need help to manage joint pain or inflammation, offering a nonsurgical solution through ozone injection.

pain medicine in Caldwell, NJ

Ozone injections are medical procedures that use oxygen and ozone to promote healing and address painful conditions such as joint pain. With ozone injection, you can receive optimal joint and immune health without surgery as your immune system is boosted, and bacteria and viruses are killed.

Depending on your conditions and diagnosed symptoms, prolotherapy, or High Dose Ozone treatments can be recommended.


This procedure is used to treat ligaments and tendons that are compromised due to injuries, daily irritations, or aging. It involves a dextrose solution being injected into the affected ligament or tendon to support the painful joint. Inflammation is caused at the joint by the injection, triggering increased blood and nutrients flow. At the end of the treatment, the joint function is improved, and the pain is reduced significantly.

High Dose Ozone Therapy

This procedure involves a sample of blood being drawn from your vein, mixed with ozone, and put back. As a result, your immune function is boosted, bacteria are killed, and new cells’ growth is stimulated.

How Ozone Injections Work

When the mixture of ozone is delivered directly into the area of concern, it can relieve pain and facilitate tissue regeneration, even to severe joint damage conditions. This is because ozone can activate your stem cell capable of repairing and rebuilding the damaged cells. Ozone can also activate an antioxidant system that naturally controls radical invasion that causes pain.

Who Should Conduct Ozone Injection

This medical procedure should only be carried out by a specialist who is medically trained in the therapy and possesses many years of experience. Dr. Bleiweiss pioneered ozone injection in the United States and leads nationally in ozone treatments, including joint complications. Being board-certified, Dr. Bleiweiss performs safe ozone injection procedures effectively.

What to Expect from Ozone Injection Treatments

Before the procedure, you should be examined to ascertain that you are the right candidate for the procedure. This can include evaluating your medical history to be sure that ozone will not have adverse effects on your body.  The life-changing procedure is then carried on after you are cleared.

After the procedure, you can experience no downtime, and being an outpatient procedure, you can get back to your routine almost immediately. It is less invasive, but mild sedation and local anesthesia can be required depending on your condition. The results are also quick and significant, and this treatment has proven to be more effective than other options available.

Other conditions that can be treated using ozone injection treatments include osteoarthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, muscle pain, and spasm.

To learn more about ozone injection treatments and your options, contact Alternative Disc Therapy, and get it from one of the leading providers nationally. It’s good to learn that you can have an optimal joint and immune health without surgery. Hurry and begin to live a quality, painless life.