How to Solve Lower Back Pain and Lead a Normal Life

Lower Back Pain

If you have ever felt back pain that prevents you from performing your daily routine, you are not alone. Most people suffer lower back pain at some point in their lives. If not treated, this type of pain can lead to complications such as disability. Lower back pain can be severe or benign. If it persists for several weeks despite several remedies, the condition is chronic and needs medical attention. If you feel mild, annoying, and sharp pain, seek medical attention from specialists of low back pain in Eugene at Pacific Sports and Spine. The team of specialists offers interventional procedures using the latest technology to deal with pain.

When should I be worried about back pain?

Mostly, the cause of lower back pain is not known, and it gets better with time. Whether you have sharp and intermittent or occasional back pain, you may be wondering if your pain is a cause for alarm. Any pain in your back is essential to note. The following tips will help you determine when you should be worried about lower back pain. You should seek medical help:

  •   If your lower back pain does not reduce within a period of one to two weeks.
  •   When you have difficulty in walking or moving your legs.
  •   Experience numbness in your legs.
  •   Incur extreme pain.

When you visit your doctor, they will identify the cause of the pain and suggest appropriate treatment.

How is my back pain diagnosed?

When you visit your doctor, finding the exact cause of the pain is essential before establishing the type of treatment. At the beginning of the diagnostic process, you will be required to give a complete description of the symptoms and your medical history. The specialists will use this information to get an overall idea of what might have caused the pain. Before the physical examination is carried out, you will be required to give information such as:

  • When the pain worsens, you may also be asked to state how the pain is spread in your body.
  • Is the pain dull, sharp, or stinging?
  • Your doctor may ask about your lifestyle. For example, whether you work, if you must sit or stand for long hours, and if you regularly exercise.
  • How many hours you sleep, and what position do you prefer while sleeping.
  • Your doctor may also ask about any injuries you have had before.

Your doctor may then proceed to conduct image scans such as the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) scan, and X-ray. Sometimes your doctor may know what is causing your pain but may not know the exact location. Imaging tests are essential to identify where the pain is located.

What factors are considered before surgery for lower back pain?

Although there are nonsurgical treatments for lower back pain, your doctor may recommend surgery in severe cases. If you can manage your pain and it does not interfere with your daily routine, nonsurgical treatments are recommended. If you are likely to lose the ability to function normally, they will opt for surgical treatment. They will also consider how the healing process will affect your life. Deal with lumbar pain before it gets complicated by booking an appointment with your doctor at Pacific Sports and Spine.