How to Stay Safe from Cancer?

There are close to 1.8 million cancer cases reported in the US, and half of these patients die. Even though cancer is a fatal disease, a study has shown that over 60% of cancer cases and fatalities could be prevented, thanks to the knowledge we have. You will cut down on the hospital bills by detecting this disease at an early stage. A change in your day to day activities might go a long way to ensure you stay free from this disease. Below, we discuss some strategies that will keep you safe. Visit Hunterdon Hematology Oncology for a specialist’s help with lung cancer in Flemington to ensure you are safe.

Tips That Will Keep You Safe from Cancer        

When detected early, cancer is easier to cure. But it would help if you prevent all that by following the following steps:

1. Shun using tobacco

You are more exposed to having cancer if you use any tobacco. There are several cancers associated with smoking, such as that of the mouth, throat, and lungs. Avoid people who smoke because you are also at risk as a second-hand smoker. It is best to avoid or limit tobacco use, as this goes a long way in ensuring you stay free from this disease.

2. Ensure you are in a healthy weight range

You might lower the chances of having certain types of cancer by maintaining a healthy weight. Such include cancer of the breast and lungs. It would help if you participated in regular physical activities because they help control your weight, thus keeping you safe from many types of cancer. There are several merits enjoyed by fit people who spend at least 200 minutes in weekly exercise.

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3. Shield yourself from the sun

Among the numerous types of cancer, that of the skin is most common, even though it remains the easiest to prevent. Avoid going out from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m since it is at this time that the sun is more intense. Ensure all exposed parts of your body are covered whenever you are outdoors. Also, avoid tanning beds as they have the same damaging effect as the sunlight.

4. Eat a balanced diet

It will help to increase your fruit and vegetable intake to have good health. Avoid taking foods that have unhealthy fats and go for those with healthy fats. Make sure to eat lean meats such as fish, chicken, and lean cuts of beef.  Avoid processed foods at all times as they are not fit for your health.


There has been an increase in the rates of cancer among us, especially due to lifestyle decisions. Changes in your daily habits might keep you much safer than you imagine.