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Are you suffering from a common cold and regular flu? For comprehensive attention and care to the common cold and recurrent flu, Argyle Pediatrics offers Argyle cold/flu patients the care they need to restore their health. With the help of Dr. Jones and her experienced staff, symptoms like sore throat, cough, and clogged sinuses can be diagnosed and treated to prevent further damage and extra medical snags. Argyle pediatrics offers the following service to its clients, newborn care, asthma and allergies management, development screenings, cold and flu treatment, sports injuries and concussions, wellness checks and immunizations, eczema and atopic dermatitis, ear infection, and strep throat.

Newborn care

During the baby’s early life, staff in the facility can offer newborn care services: examination, vaccination, and nutrition advice to ensure the newborn baby is experiencing better health and growing up happy and strong. Examination for babies is done within five days of their birth date. The baby is measured in length, height, weight, and the circumference of their head. Also, screening of hearing, reflexes, sight, and abnormality traits is done at this stage. Vaccination and immunization schedules are planned, where the baby can receive the important vaccine needed for better health. Vaccines available at the center include; DTP, HIP, IPV, PCV, and RV.

Asthma and allergies

Asthma is a lasting condition that affects the breathing capability of a person. Children suffer asthma when they encounter triggers such as allergens, some chemicals, and cigarette smoke. On confirmation that a child has asthma, Dr jones may recommend carrying an inhaler containing medication to open airways. In the other case of allergy, it is caused by an allergen, which are materials that cause an overreaction of the body, and normally allergens are not harmful to all people. Examples of allergens include; dust, pollen grains, certain food, smoke, and some insect bites. In allergy cases, a fast-acting epinephrine injection is administered to allow the child to breathe.

Developmental screenings

Development screenings are visits to evaluate how the child is growing and changing. Children with health issues are likely to make frequent visits. In the facility, aspects like gross motor skills, fine motor skills, adaptive skills, and problem-solving skills are evaluated. Their growth and development can interfere with conditions like cerebral palsy, down syndromes, and intellectual disabilities.

Sports injuries and concussions

Sports injuries are likely to be encountered by a young child in their day to day life. Common injuries probable to happen are fractures, dehydration, muscle strain, and knee injuries. A concussion is an injury to the head caused by hitting the head on a hard surface. Symptoms of a concussion include headache, dizziness, and poor vision. Children with concussions suffer mental confusion and are unable to answer simple basic questions. In the presence of a concussion, the necessary recommendation is given to make certain a full recovery is attained.

Ear infection and strep throat

An ear infection is caused by bacteria or viruses from cold or flu. The germs settle in the mid area of the ear, the area connected to the throat. This causes swelling of the tissues around it and also affects the eardrum causing difficulty in hearing. Strep throat is a contagious disease spreading through contact with sneezing or coughing. The symptoms of strep throat include; fever, headache, and swollen tonsils. Antibiotics can be prescribed to children suffering from this infection.

Well checks and immunization

Well, checks are routine check-ups for children to ensure their health status. During check-ups, height, weight, and blood pressure is measured. Immunization is crucial as it protects the child from dangerous diseases. First immunization is scheduled at birth; that is, hepatitis B, a weakened or inactive virus is introduced to a child’s body, and they produce necessary antibodies to fight the disease.

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