In Need of Dental Surgery? Here Are Five Common Types You Should Know

Dental Surgery

Most people will agree that toothaches are the worst kind of pain anyone can ever undergo. The pain deters you from actions like smiling, speaking, and eating which become unbearable. When teeth problems escalate, dental surgery may be recommended by your dentist after diagnosis. Dental surgery refers to the surgery of teeth, gums, or jaws. It involves procedures that modify dentition artificially. Do you need to undergo Dental Surgery? Visit Dr. Hugo Artaza, one of the renowned Katy doctors of dental surgery, to discuss your treatment options.

Highlighted below are the most common types of dental surgery:

Cosmetic Surgery

Many people go for this surgery to alter their facial appearance, especially their smiles. Some of the processes include teeth whitening, dental veneers, and bonding. These are simple procedures that take a short time to be done. The general purpose of cosmetic dental surgeries is for aesthetics or beauty.

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

 Wisdom teeth are the four molars that grow last. This happens between the ages of 17 and 25. Since they grow last, sometimes they lack enough room, grow close together, and become very painful. Oral infections and other dental problems may develop too. Also, the gums end up swelling. In this case, an extraction procedure is recommended. Surgical incisions are made at the gums facilitating teeth removal. The incisions are then closed. The procedure is simple, and the patient heals fast.

Placement of Dental implants

If your teeth have decayed due to smoking, alcoholism, oral cancer, poor oral hygiene, or other diseases, you require dental implants. The dental implants are made from titanium and its alloys; therefore, they are light. This process is a little complicated because the implant must be securely and delicately fused into the gum. Also, if you have been involved in an accident and end up losing your teeth, you’re in luck. Dental implants are an ideal replacement for you.

Root Canal

This surgery happens to be the most common type of dental surgery. A root canal treats toothaches and tooth sensitivity without having to extract the problematic teeth. The procedure involves the removal of the tooth pulp that contains blood vessels and nerve endings. After the process, you will hardly experience tooth sensitivity or toothache.

Reconstructive Surgery

Soft tissue injuries and fractures are the two types of injuries that require reconstructive surgery. Soft tissue injuries include cuts on the inside of the cheek, lips, tongue, soft and hard palate. Fractures affect the bone tissue in the mouth, jawbone, and teeth. In extreme cases, surgery is done to reconstruct the nasal cavity. You may experience this type of injury if you are a sporty person.

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You see, dental surgery is not as complicated as many people think. There are several surgical procedures you can undergo in place of tooth extraction. Root canal, for example, will kill the pain and ensure there will be no future issues with that particular tooth. Most importantly, your natural tooth will remain intact. Embrace better ways of dealing with your dental problems like dental surgery and make toothaches and sensitivity a thing of the past. Contact Artaza Dental for the most experienced and knowledgeable dentists and begin your dental health journey.