Learn Effective Tips to Cope With Menopause

Menopause marks the end of the reproductive period in a woman. Some women receive this as good news and as an indication that they will not experience the hectic menstrual cycles. However, it can also have a negative side. Menopause has unpleasant symptoms that vary in severity from one person to another.  They include brittle hair, night sweats, and mood swings, among other unfriendly difficulties. Raveco Medical practices obstetrics & gynecology in Woodside to help women manage complex reproductive problems. Book an appointment today for fast and effective treatment.

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Below are some ways you can employ to cope with the side effects of menopause:

Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the common changes that women go through during menopause is weight gain. A series of hormonal changes occur that make you gain extra pounds above the age of 45. Weight gain will affect your confidence as well as increase the risks of developing diabetes and heart diseases. Additionally, research shows that women who applied weight loss techniques had fewer night sweats and hot flashes.

Keep Hydrated

Women usually experience a decrease in estrogen levels during menopause that cause dryness in the vagina and other regions. Therefore, it is important to keep hydrated. Experts recommend that an adult should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. However, you may find it more helpful to increase them to 12, depending on your metabolism. Water will also aid in weight loss.

Incorporate More Foods Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D

It is common to experience bone loss during menopause as the changes that occur weaken your bones. This increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.  Taking vitamin D and calcium, on the other hand, will help restore bones to the right density and prevent fractures. You can find these nutrients from vegetables and by eating more dairy products.

Get Enough Rest

Most women experience the problem of sleepless nights during menopause, which is not healthy for their bodies. If you are a victim, you should adopt techniques that make sleep easier, such as reading books shortly before bed, massage, hot baths, and switching off electronic devices to induce a good night’s sleep. Not all techniques might work for you, so find what is best for you.

Do Not Skip Meals

Most people think that skipping meals is a preventive measure to avoid weight gain. However, skipping meals during menopause will only worsen the symptoms. Research shows that skipping meals could have a negative impact of up to 5% on weight loss.

Take More Protein Foods

Menopause is associated with loss of lean muscles that are also affected by aging. To cope with this issue, you should eat foods high in protein at least once a day to increase calories burned, slow down muscle loss, and promote weight loss.

Doctors recommend that you also spend some time outside to reduce stress levels and get some sun to help your bones. As discussed, some women experience more severe symptoms than others. If your symptoms are interfering with how you perform your routines, you should seek medical attention. Book an appointment today with Raveco Medical for a smooth menopause transition.