Liberate Your Mind from Troubling Thoughts with Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine Infusion

Pressure and other stresses in life can push up your anxiety levels; mental issues can make you less productive and unable to perform for important people in your life, including family. Mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts are some of the conditions that can affect your quality of life. However, when you visit a Lexington anesthesiologist, you can find a remedy to your problem. The health providers at Boston MindCare, PC, focus on you, and offer the right combination of treatments to keep you up and running.

About the treatments

Boston MindCare has the right combination of professionals and the right medicine to remedy:

  •       Depression
  •       Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  •       Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  •       Chronic pain

The lead doctor is Jason Lee, who boasts of the best medical practices to ensure your condition is under control. Dr. Lee works alongside Isabella Lagarda to give you customized treatments whenever you visit Boston MindCare. The clinic uses technology and other proven medicines to help overcome your mental illness or issue. Evidence-based, safe, and effective ketamine makes up the hospital’s practices, making you rest easy because your safety is the highest priority. Different protocols also exist to guarantee the patients’ security, with office rules to safeguard your privacy.

Understanding the treatment

Ketamine forms the basis of the treatment. The clinic respects your family members and involves them throughout the procedures. Your Boston MindCare specialist closely monitors the patient with the right medications in case of an emergency. Patients have different needs which is why the clinic offers individualized treatment. With Dr. Lagarda, Dr. Lee provides therapy with you in mind as a person and does not offer randomized or one-size-fits-all treatments. Your doctors listen, then make assessments before giving out the right treatments to you.

The human aspect of the treatment

The social factor binds humans together, and at Boston MindCare you will answer questions that will help during your treatment. These questions help build relationships vital for better diagnosis.

Different treatments exist to remedy your mental issues. The most preferred treatment method is intravenous ketamine treatment. However, in unique circumstances, Dr. Lee may prescribe nasal ketamine or oral ketamine to help speed up the recovery process. The additional treatment options help the doctor give personalized treatment to different patients that visit the hospital.

Peace of mind is essential in creativity and productivity. Improving mental issues is one of the ways in which you can improve your life. A visit to Boston MindCare, PC Ketamine Infusion Clinic located in Lexington, MA, will ensure you get the right treatments to improve your quality of life. Visit the clinic or book an appointment online to get liberated from those troubling thoughts.