Medical Grade Facial: All You Need to Know About This Cosmetic Treatment Option

Medical-grade facial treatment is sometimes called medi-facials. These are treatments which are designed to treat various skin conditions. Medi-facials are also safe for any skin, and thus anyone can undergo the treatment. A medical cosmetologist is responsible for carrying out the procedure. Cosmetologists use specific devices such as photo rejuvenation, peels, microdermabrasion, LED therapy, derma planing, and microcurrents.  This procedure is tailored to restore and repair your skin. In the end, your face is left feeling hydrated and glowing. Your specialist for medical-grade facials in Colorado Springs will treat dehydrated/dull skin, signs of aging, sun damage, and pigmentation.

medical-grade facials in Colorado Springs

Are medi-facial and spa facial the same thing?

These two are not the same, even though some people may use them interchangeably. A spa facial provides you with a good massage; however, they do not penetrate the skin deeply. On the other hand, medical-grade facials and home care products help treat your skin, giving it the much-needed glow.

What is the lifecycle of a medical-grade facial?

Immediately after the treatment, your skin looks soft and supple. The treatment leaves your skin radiating with a healthy glow. For up to 72 straight hours after the procedure, your skin will look healthy and hydrated. For 28 to 48 days, you will enjoy the benefits of cell regeneration and other long-term medical facial effects. This is because of the many intraceuticals and serums used in the procedure.

The benefits of medical-grade facials

Proper skin care analysis

A medical aesthetician, dermatologist, or medical doctor properly analyzes your skin, discussing with you their recommendation for the best outcomes. With the right skincare analysis you will get the appropriate answer to your skin condition.

A Customized treatment plan

After a skin analysis and the discussion on the right procedure to take for optimum results, it is now time for your skincare professional to devise a customized treatment plan. They may, in most cases, start with a facial tailored to your type of skin. This may also comprise various enzyme peptides, micro-needling, LED Light Therapy, or IPL for multiple issues.

What Else Should You Know

Your doctor asserts that chemical peels and medical-grade facials use medical grade equipment and products to achieve the intended results. They are also more intensive, meaning that there is a greater chance of adverse outcomes. Therefore, it is important for you to discuss these possibilities with your doctor before going ahead with treatment.

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