Noninvasive Pain Treatment

Cold Laser Therapy

Outdoors activities are a fun experience until you start experiencing back, shoulder, or neck pain that affects your body’s mobility and flexibility. Usually exercising and lifting heavy weights are the main causes of these pains. However, they can be symptoms of underlying diseases. Your pains are now treatable using a minimally invasive cold laser therapy in San Jose.

Cold Laser Therapy

It is an effective and safe therapy that reduces swellings and promotes the healing of joints and soft tissues. It does not involve heating your body tissues, it only uses targeted, low-intensity light to encourage your natural body healing, ease pain, and inflammation. Your body absorbs the light, which triggers a reaction that improves circulation and generates new, healthy tissues and cells. It’s a recommended therapy for:

  •       Shoulder pain: physical discomfort, including the shoulder joint, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the joint.
  •       Knee pain: a condition that affects the joint or the soft tissues around it, causing pain.
  •       Neuropathy: this usually occurs in the hands and feet, experiencing numbness and pain.
  •       Back pain: physical discomfort occurring mostly on the spine.
  •       Sports injuries: injuries one gets when exercising or engaging in sports.
  •       Auto injuries: these injuries are caused mostly by shattering glass on soft body tissues
  •        Work injuries: mostly, this is head, back, neck injuries, broken bones, cuts, sprains, and pulled muscles caused by a slip, trip, and fall at work.
  •       Neck pain: may be caused by prolonged straining or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
  •       Bursitis: occur most often at joints that perform a frequent repetitive movement.
  •       Muscle strain: mostly occurs in the lower back of the muscle.
  •       Ligament strain: this is a tearing or stretching in the fibrous tissue that connects bones and joints.

South Bay Wellness Center

This is a hospital that treats cases with comprehension examination and evaluation. It is staffed with licensed nurses, paramedics, and physicians who are ready to relieve you of your discomfort using the newest technology to help you achieve faster results. Dr. Embat, together with his team of skilled professions at the wellness center, conduct a physical exam, review your medical history, ask about your symptoms and lifestyle, and considering whether you have tried conservation measures like medication, rest, elevation, and physical therapy and still, your condition deteriorates they take you through the non-invasion therapy procedure.

Depending on the cause of your pain and its severity, the professionals develop a custom care that suits your condition with an appointment spaced several weeks ahead to make sure they monitor your response and ensure the best outcomes.  They incorporate proven therapy with modernized technology to treat your pains so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

They give you a safe and natural approach treatment session that lasts for less than half an hour. It is painless and comfortable such that you get back to your normal activities immediately.

Get in touch with them today and get a noninvasive lifestyle change treatment where back, shoulder, and neck pain will be a thing of the past. Contact South Bay Wellness today to schedule an appointment.