Overcome Suicidal Thoughts with Ketamine Infusion Therapy in Florida

Suicidal therapy

Suicide appears to be the only way for many people to cope with a difficult life situation or the extreme pain resulting from depression. You may believe that taking your own life is the only option when dealing with suicidal thoughts. However, there is available help. Satyen Madkaiker, MD, FAPA, and the expert providers’ team at Ketamine Therapeutics, located in Jacksonville, FL, provide ketamine infusion therapy as a solution to suicidal thoughts. Your symptoms can be relieved almost immediately with this breakthrough therapy. Consult with a Jacksonville suicidal thoughts specialist today by calling the office or make an appointment online today.

What Does It Mean to Have Suicidal Thoughts?

Suicidal thoughts are ideas or plans that you might have for ending your life. You might feel like you are the only one who has these emotions or thoughts, but suicidal ideation affects almost everyone at some stage in their lives. Your pain might feel unbearable and unresolvable; however, assistance is available.

If you are contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. (800-273-TALK) or 911. They are there to support you.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Suicidal Ideation?

Knowing the signs and symptoms of suicide could save your life or the life of a loved one. Symptoms that are common include:

o   Retreating from social activities.

o   Obtaining suicide-related instruments, such as pills or a gun.

o   Giving away possessions.

o   Abusing narcotics or alcohol.

o   Personality changes.

Suicide talk is also a red flag that you should never overlook. You can avoid suicide.

Who is at Risk of Taking Their Own Life?

Suicide makes no distinctions, but certain risk factors raise a person’s chances of committing suicide. These include:

o   Previous attempts at suicide.

o   Substance abuse.

o   A stressful life situation.

o   An underlying medical diagnosis.

o   A family history of suicide and mental illness.

o   Terminal illness or chronic disease.

Suicide attempts are more common in women than in men, but suicide kills more men than women.

What Are the Options for Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts?

Suicidal thoughts are treated differently depending on the nature of the condition and the root problem. Call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline for urgent assistance or walk into the nearest emergency room.

If your suicidal thoughts are not life-threatening, prescription medication and/or psychotherapy can help. The Ketamine Therapeutics team focuses on mental wellbeing and creates individualized recovery plans to help you change your life outlook and control the root cause of your suicidal thoughts.

The team can recommend ketamine infusion therapy at Ketamine Therapeutics in extreme cases.

What Is a Ketamine Infusion, And How Does It Work?

Ketamine Therapeutics is a firm that focuses on the use of ketamine to treat a variety of mental health issues, like suicidal ideation. In 24 hours of treatment, ketamine infusion therapy can drastically improve suicidal ideation, fatigue, and depression.

Addressing suicidal thoughts with ketamine infusion is considered experimental. The team at Ketamine Therapeutics will decide if it is the best medication for you, depending on the seriousness of your symptoms. This infusion is done in the office under close observation with cutting-edge equipment.

In conclusion, Ketamine Therapeutics is the sole one-of-its-kind clinic in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida. Call the office today or make an appointment online for professional mental health services from a team that provides cutting-edge therapies.