Protect Your Kid’s Growing Joints and Bones with Top-Notch Podiatric Foot Care in Arizona

Pediatric Foot Care

It is important to look after your kid’s feet as they develop to avoid complications later in life. Nima Sana, DPM, of Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists in Scottsdale, AZ, should help if you have any worries regarding your kid’s feet. Dr. Sana has the expertise to provide your kid with the pediatric foot treatment he/she requires to protect their developing joints and bones. Call or fill out the online scheduling form right now to take advantage of the skills of this Scottsdale pediatric foot care specialist.

What Is the Concept of Pediatric Foot Care?

The health and growth of your child’s feet are the priority of pediatric foot care. If your child’s feet or ankles are unusual, they may need specialist podiatric foot treatment from a young age.

Not all foot issues are apparent. A regular checkup with Dr. Sana is the most effective way to diagnose and treat any problems that could affect your kid’s development.

Children having issues with their feet while young can create problems with walking and running, commonly known as gait disorders. It can also affect the balance of their whole skeleton. In turn, they can develop poor posture, find sports and exercise more difficult, and experience chronic pain.

Dr. Sana focuses on treating sports injuries in children, as well as ensuring the protection of your child’s feet from birth.

What Conditions Would Necessitate Pediatric Foot Care?

The most common foot conditions that your child can develop are:

  •  Ingrown toenails
  • Plantar warts
  •  Athlete’s foot

High arches and flat feet are the most prevalent structural foot issues that your child can have or develop as they age.

Flat Feet develop whenever the arch in the middle of your kid’s foot is too short, causing problems with leg balance and putting additional strain on other areas of the foot. On the other hand, high arches are an issue where the arch is so prominent that it places pressure on your kid’s heel and ball of the foot.

These disorders may not always result in problems, and most feet improve as they grow. Your kid, however, could experience issues such as ankle problems or heel pain due to these imbalances.

What Types of Injuries Can Necessitate Pediatric Foot Care?

Ankle and foot injuries are common among teenagers and children, particularly if they participate in physical activities. Bone fractures necessitate pediatric foot treatment to ascertain that the fractured ends are properly knit back together.

Other injuries that require pediatric foot care include sprained ankle ligaments and Sever’s lesion. The latter impact your kid’s heel tip, inflicting foot pain. Overuse tendinitis and stress fractures grow more gradually and result in chronic discomfort.

What Types of Treatments Are Used In Pediatric Foot Care?

Athlete’s feet and warts may be treated with topical ointments and drugs that destroy the fungus or virus causing the problem. Young children and teens with sports injuries frequently respond well to physical therapy and rest, but surgery is sometimes necessary.

Because children’s joints and bones are still developing, it is essential to address injuries properly. Harm to the growth plates will impede development and result in long-term problems such as different leg lengths.

Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists use cutting-edge technology, including automated ultrasounds and X-rays, to provide the highest level of pediatric podiatric treatment. To ensure your kid enjoys top-level podiatric care, call the office or use the online booking service to schedule an appointment today.