Quality and Effective Medical Senior Care Services

Medical Senior Care Services

Quality and efficient healthcare are critical in every stage of our lives, especially in old age, when the bodies are weak and have low immunity, unable to fight against infections. Hence older people tend to suffer from various health conditions, including diabetes and hypertension. The senior people also require special attention and care during their old days since they do not even have the energy to take care of themselves. Finding a medical practice that takes care of their health needs and them as a whole can be a challenge in the world we are in today. At Nguyen Medical Group, are committed to providing professional medical care and the needs of the aged adults.

Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, they offer internal medicine needs and care for the community’s senior people. Dedicated to serving the aged, they strive to give them the best experience and meet their personalized needs. Their services are efficient and of high standards and include senior home care visits, onsite laboratory testing, telehealth visits, among others. The board-certified internal medicine and hypertension specialists Thomas Nguyen MD, MS, and advanced practice nurse Susan Nguyen-Mui, APRN, specialize in advanced senior care. Together with their team, they are caring and compassionate, where they interact with their patients to evaluate their health conditions and provide individualized treatment plans to meet their needs.

Dr. Nguyen and the team are highly skilled and help their patients manage and treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, hypertension, among others. Their modernly equipped onsite laboratory offers effective diagnostic and treatment procedures and even identifies any early signs of health complications. They also offer annual health check-ups to prevent their patients from medical severe infections and diseases. The devoted team takes their time to listen and understand their patients, involving them in developing the right treatments. They are welcoming to new and returning patients offering them outstanding customer services, making them feel at home.

They offer services such as


Geriatrics is medical care designated to help aged patients with their healthcare needs since they are at a high risk of getting infections, injuries, and chronic diseases. Dr. Nguyen and their team offer comprehensive senior care to help their patients through their old age. Call them today to book an appointment.

Senior care

Old age affects a person socially, mentally, physically, and healthwise, especially to people aged 65 years old and above. At Nguyen Medical, they are experts in senior care providing personalized care to everyone. Visit them today for more information.

As people age, they are prone to getting chronic diseases, infections, and injuries; hence, appropriate and efficient medical care is essential. Are you wondering where to get quality and excellent senior care? At Nguyen Medical Group, they provide all medical care services to aged people to help them live quality lives. They offer services such as preventive care, annual check-ups, diabetes, hypertension, chronic diseases, senior care, among others. Dr. Nguyen and their team are compassionate and provide personalized care to meet their patients’ health needs. Their services are convenient and use advanced techniques to offer quality care. Whether its for you or your loved ones, visit them at Boynton Beach, Florida, or book an online appointment for the best senior care services.