Regaining Your Self-worth through Psychiatric Intervention


Everyone goes through a rough period at one point in life, making them question their worth in society. It could be a messy divorce, barrenness, poor grades, or child loss. All these are life hurdles that can make you feel unworthy. The worst you can do is keeping quiet about your problems or resorting to unhealthy habits like drug abuse. If you have challenges with Midtown East self-esteem, it is advisable to seek a specialist to help you regain your self-worth.

Here are some ways that low self-worth can impact your mental health, as the team at Healthy Minds suggests:

1.      It may lead to alcohol and substance addiction

Ever wondered why some people are calm and collected when sober? But as soon as they get drunk, they feel all high and mighty. Alcohol and drugs work by impairing judgement and creating a temporary sense of self-worth. This method is known as escapism. The individual may eventually get addicted, and this has devastating effects on their already bruised self-esteem levels.

2.      It puts you at risk of developing depression and anxiety

Low self-esteem is one of the symptoms of anxiety and depression. These mental conditions tend to go hand-in-hand. For example, if you feel unworthy or develop a high sense of complacency, you may develop depression. In the same token, if you are depressed, your self-esteem will automatically get compromised.

3.      It results in poor relationships

When your self-esteem is low, you lack the courage to mingle with people. Perhaps it is the only thing standing in your way of achieving your dreams. For example, if you have been eyeing someone with hopes of starting a romantic relationship with them, your low self-esteem may make you think otherwise. As a result, you do not feel the urge to pursue your person of interest, let alone talk to them.

Socializing with friends is what makes people human. A person that completely withdraws from interacting with others may do so because they feel unworthy to be around them. As this keeps happening, they might develop thoughts of avoiding social places. Eventually, they end up doing things that other people would consider uncouth.

4.      It may lead to poor health

When your mind is engrossed in defeatist thoughts, your physical and physiological health is also affected. Most people with self-esteem issues will not see the need to adopt healthy lifestyle habits for their well-being. The worst is that such a person will not mind engaging in deviant practices to compensate for their feelings. The result is poor health.

A self-esteem specialist can help get your life on track

Considering the many perks life brings, it is easy to develop high self-esteem. You do not have to feel low about yourself, neither should other people’s opinions define your esteem when a specialist is a phone call away. However, maintaining that self-worth can be tricky, mainly if you had a rough childhood experience or faced something traumatic as you grow. To learn more about how to revive your self-esteem, book an appointment with your psychiatrist today.