Safe and Effective Hair Restoration Treatments in Hauppauge, New York

Around 60% and 50% of the adult men and women population suffer from hair loss. To their relief, advanced laser hair restoration treatments have come to prevent further hair loss and even enhance the growth of hair. Hauppauge hair restoration and transplant specialist Dr. David A. Mayer, MD, leads a team of highly-qualified professionals at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers to offer top-notch hair restoration procedures for men and women in and out of New York. To schedule a consultation book one online or call the office today.


What Is Hair Restoration?

Also referred to as hair transplant surgery, hair restoration is the cosmetic procedure that restores hair growth for people with a bald scalp or thinning hair. Patients can also benefit from hair restoration for eyebrows and facial hair at the facility. The different forms of hair restoration include scalp reduction surgery, flap surgery, hair transplantation, and scalp tissue expansion.

Depending on the underlying cause of your condition or desired results, the specialist at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers will recommend a suitable treatment. In some cases, your selected provider might recommend a combination of two or more procedures to achieve desired results.

When Should One Seek Hair Restoration Treatment?

People who begin having thinning hair or baldness, especially those with healthy hair growth at the sides or back of their head, should seek hair restoration treatment. You do not qualify for hair restoration if you do not have some ‘donor areas’ -these are the sections of your scalp, providing flap or grafting material.

With hair restoration, you better not put your hopes too high and try to set achievable goals. A hair restoration treatment will not result in the natural growth of your hair. Besides, it does not suit everyone; for instance, those with very little or completely no hair should opt for an alternative treatment.

What is the ARTAS iX System?

At Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers, the providers use an ARTAS iX robotic hair restoration system to conduct proper diagnostic procedures. This system uses 3D scans to scan and determine the necessary statistics for the hair follicle to be used for successful harvesting and grafting. This innovative technology ensures safe harvesting and enhances the effectiveness of treatment, guaranteeing lasting results.

The hair implants from this system blend naturally with surrounding hair. Thus, a patient can walk with confidence that no third party will notice they have undergone hair transplant surgery.

What Happens During Treatment?

During a procedure, the hair restoration specialists remove a series of small graft portions from places with healthy hair using the ARTAS iX robotic system. The specialist then relocates the grafted parts to the thinning hair or balding area. This procedure is customized for every patient so that the grafts are of perfect shape and size, thus meeting the desired individual results of treatment.

The hair restoration specialist makes several incisions to fit the grafts. The treatment is minimally-invasive; hence one can resume day-to-day activities after surgery. You will begin to see results in the next few months to come. To achieve desired results, the providers recommend several treatments.

In conclusion, Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers offers quality hair restoration services for both men and women. To find out if you are the right candidate for this service, request a consultation through the website or call today.