Save your Natural Teeth through Endodontic Services

Endodontic Services

Endodontic is a health field that deals specifically with teeth problems. Having a good smile and a healthy mouth is a factor for a friendly lifestyle. Clean teeth help you to interact with your friends and family members confidently. Endodontic service involves the use of modern technology to correct your teeth disorder. An endodontist makes sure that you have the most satisfying results during dental servicing. San Antonio endodontic specialist saves your natural teeth by keeping them clean and free from diseases. The following are reasons for undergoing endodontic service.

When to undergo endodontic services

It is vital to take care of your teeth before they incur any disorder. Going for endodontic services keeps you in a position of preventing diseases before their attack. Once you encounter any problem with your teeth like root pain, it is important to see the doctor. This step will help you manage the pain, and you might save your tooth. Endodontic services treat a tooth or teeth that are sensitive to cold or hot substances. If you might fear these services to been done to you, an endodontist has techniques of comforting you.

Moreover, when you get involved in an accident, you can experience oral damage. It is essential to undergo endodontic service for diagnosis. The specialist will examine your jaws, gum, and teeth to see where they are severely damaged. These damages can cause swelling of gum inside your mouth and break or cracking of teeth. During the endodontic service, medication will be prescribed to reduce the swelling and reduce pain. The available cracks will be filled with a putty-like substance to prevent your tooth or teeth from absorbing infectious pathogens. These services might help you save your teeth. Below are examples of services an endodontist can offer you.

Types of endodontic services available in the healthcare facilities

There are many types of endodontic services available at hospitals. However, there are most services that endodontist perform to their patients. These services include;

  •       Root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is a procedure that involves the relief of tooth or teeth pain. This service mainly deals with infected roots of your teeth. During this service, an endodontist removes the pulp inside your tooth, cleans, and disinfects. Tooth sealing is also done to cover the space created during pulp removal.
  •       Endodontic surgery. This service is done to those disorders that are not treatable through non-surgical treatment. Endodontic surgery is used to located small fractures that cannot be detected by an x-ray machine. Surgery is also used to treat damaged root surfaces and remove residues that accumulate in the root canal.
  •       Cosmetic services. Cosmetic services are done to make your teeth look good. Service like teeth whitening makes your teeth beautiful and stainless. Stains in your teeth can cause teeth decay and can also affect your gum.

Endodontic services are important to every person with teeth problems. These services help you retain your natural teeth and keep them clean. Root canal disorder is a teeth issue that causes pain. Tooth pain can be corrected through medication. Surgery is performed to get rid of residues in the root surface. Visiting your doctor will be very important so that you can prevent and treat the available dental diseases.