Stress Testing: Here Is Everything You Should Know

Stress Testing

A stress test can help to show how well your heart functions under pressure. Your test involves recording your vitals when running or lifting weights. For help in detecting early signs of heart disease and cancer, contact Life Imaging Fla for stress testing in Deerfield Beach. Call or book online for an appointment.

What is Stress Testing?

Stress testing is a method of measuring your heart’s function under duress, such as when you exercise. You will need to either walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike during the test to get your heart rate up.

Several devices around you record specific measurements, such as your:

  •       Heart rhythm
  •       Blood pressure
  •       Breathing pace
  •       Heart rate

Suppose you have a problem like arthritis that prohibits you from exercising on a stationary bike or treadmill. In that case, the specialists at Life Imaging Fla can prescribe a medicine to make your heart pump as hard as it would during exercise.

Results of Stress Testing

Stress testing reveals several distinct parameters regarding your heart and cardiovascular health. The test can show the following:

  •       Regular blood flow at rest, but not during exercise
  •       A lack of blood flow in some regions of the heart
  •       Normal blood flow when exercising and while resting
  •       Low blood flow at rest and during exercise

You may have a clogged artery if your blood flow is normal at rest but not during exercise. It could be a symptom of coronary artery disease if your blood flow is reduced equally during exercise and rest.

If your stress test results are alarming, additional testing, such as a low-dose CT scan of your heart, may be necessary. While stress testing can provide a wealth of information, it is not always possible to appropriately diagnose or detect early indicators of heart disease just on the results.

When Should I Consider Acquiring a Stress Test?

Although stress testing is not essential for everyone, there are a few reasons why your doctor might suggest it. You may also choose to take a stress test without a referral for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you:

  •       Need heart surgery
  •       Experience symptoms of cardiovascular dysfunction (chest pain, trouble breathing)
  •       Want to start a rigorous exercise program
  •       Need heart surgery

Your expert at Life Imaging Fla analyzes and interprets the results of your stress test, going over them with you and responding to any inquiries you may have. They can also email the results to your doctor, who can use them to arrange your therapy.

How Should I Prepare for Stress Testing?

It’s easy to get ready for a stress test. To ensure that you can participate in the testing process securely and successfully, you will need to perform the following steps:

  •       Taking only water and avoiding eating 2-4 hours before the test
  •       Skipping certain medications
  •       Wearing comfortable clothes
  •       Staying clear of caffeinated beverages on the day of the test
  •       Avoiding smoking
  •       Wearing supportive walking shoes
  •       Taking your inhaler along to the appointment (if needed)

Bottom Line

Call Life Imaging Fla or request an appointment online now if you would like to schedule a stress test based on your doctor’s advice or for your information.