Symptoms of Autistic Children and Treatment Options

Autistic Children and Treatment

Autism is a condition that affects your child’s speech, communication, sleeping, and eating patterns. If you notice a change in your child’s behavior, PediaPlex is ready to hold your hand along the treatment journey. Although autism does not have a definite cure, there are management options that can help your child improve their behavior.

What symptoms should you watch out for?

If your child has autism, they will exhibit different symptoms that can alarm you. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms.

Inattentive behavior

One of the symptoms you will see is the lack of ability to focus on an activity. Although they might want to do one activity repeatedly or play with one toy, their attention is limited. You can try to call your child by name, and they will not respond because their mind is not focused.

Delayed learning skills

Autism spectrum disorder causes your child to interact ineffectively with kids their age. Your child might want to keep to themselves and play alone. They might take a particular toy and stay in a specific spot without getting involved with other children.

Delayed language skills

Your autistic child can have difficulties expressing themselves using spoken language. Although they find it difficult, they might choose not to use sign language to communicate. Your child might have a limited or no vocabulary at all.

Unusual sleeping patterns

If your child is autistic, they might exhibit different sleeping patterns, including sleeping late or waking up early. Although they are young and should sleep for long hours, your child might sleep very little and spend more than an hour in bed without falling asleep.

Treatment options

Although autism has no cure, your specialist can create treatment plans that might ease the condition’s symptoms. The plan can help your child lead a better life where they can communicate and interact with others without throwing tantrums. The following are treatment options an autistic specialist might use to help your child.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy involves language, articulation, and learning relevant and age-appropriate words. Your child’s specialist can also teach your child how to eat and swallow foods they try to avoid. While your child might be a picky eater and eat specific foods, the specialist can introduce them to new foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Your child’s specialist might provide treatment that helps your child articulate words better and comprehend what other people say. The therapy helps your child communicate better.

Occupational therapy

When your autistic child struggles with language and communication, they might fall behind in daily activities like getting dressed. It helps autistic children process and responds to what they see and hear.

Applied behavior analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy helps your child to improve in all areas and integrate them to help your child in all areas. Your child’s specialist might help them develop social, communication, self-care, and play skills.

If you have a child exhibiting autistic symptoms, visit PediaPlex for treatment. You will meet qualified and experienced specialists ready to offer your child customized and suitable treatment. Call or schedule an appointment online and improve your child’s interaction.