Acupuncturist Located in Colorado

Let’s start by understanding acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a Chinese-based medical approach that involves the insertion of thin needles under the patient’s skin surface, on acupuncture joints. This treatment aims at treating both physical and emotional health challenges such as chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, depression, migraine, etc. Dr. Vonda Muncy is an acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medical specialist located at Soul Potential Acupuncture & Wellness center in Colorado. Let’s find out more about her practice.

About his Profession

Dr. Vonda Muncy, incorporating his vast experience in practice, welcomes all patients at the center, including the LGBTQ community. Dr. Vonda’s passion for Acupuncture started during her early childhood experience with urinary bladder infections that failed to respond to medication. Until she came across homeopathic care, Muncy had tried numerous ineffective antibiotics.

Homeopathic care served her well, but in her search for a better remedy, she found Acupuncture. She used Acupuncture treatments for most of her conditions, such as relieving back pains, during pregnancy, and menstruation. Acupuncture treatments came along with a sense of well-being and relieved her of her symptoms. It was then that her journey and passion as an acupuncturist began.

About his Services

Dr. Vonda spends time learning advanced medical and specialized acupuncture techniques. At her facility in Colorado, she provides treatments for multiple conditions. Some of the conditions provided include pain problems, urinary/ bladder issues, women’s health issues, respiratory diseases, skin conditions, digestive issues, and other health conditions. Before administering any of her treatment, a patient must first undergo proper diagnosis at the clinic. Check out their website or schedule for consultation with Dr. Vonda to learn more about her services.


Dr. Vonda Muncy emphasizes patient education through multiple blog articles posted on the facility’s website page. Patients can learn more about the center’s practice and its services through these articles. Visit their website and check out some of these articles.


Dr. Vonda Muncy values and appreciates feedback from his valued patient. To date, her facility has collected 6 reviews with an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. One of her significant testimonials comes from her husband, who she treated of a back-pain condition effectively, relieving him of pain relievers. If you wish to check out more testimonials from some of her previous patients, visit their website.

How to contact the center

You can get in touch with the facility through mobile, 720-223-5843, or request for an online appointment by clicking on the ‘Request appointment’ tag on their website. Conveniently, if you are living in Colorado and the surrounding areas, you can visit the center at 1189 South Perry Street.

Note that the center operates from Monday-Friday, with varying working hours, so contact the clinic first to avoid inconveniences.  If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about Dr. Vonda Muncy, you can send a text message through their website.

To sum up, Dr. Vonda Muncy is a lead acupuncturist providing to-notch treatment care for her patients. Dr. Vonda loves learning and incorporates these advancements in medical techniques to her practice to enhance the efficiency of her treatments. Dr. Vonda applies a holistic approach in treating patient’s conditions, providing relief for both physical and emotional challenges. She is welcoming to all patients. Schedule an appointment with her today.